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I have submitted my company's information into this great competition - Leading Moms in Business 2011 on Startupnation. I was hoping to see your Indie love for us there :)  Thanks in advance and if your company is one of the contestants, please post a link to your profile here so I can vote for you! 

How cool would it be to win!?


Marmalade Hills: http://www.startupnation.com/leading-moms-in-business/contestant/10...


Thanks  so much,




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Hi Liana,


Good luck to you.  I just voted.  Please vote for me too at:




I look forward to seeing you at the top!

You got my vote Tiest! Best of luck to you too!

Thanks so much!


Voted for the both of you today! Tieast & Liana! Good Luck Ladies.
Thanks so much!

OMG... it's so easy to vote too! No forms to fill in... just click and go! 


I voted for you both, Liana and Tieast.


Indies rock. Let's get rockin'.

Thanks Susan! I know, I was surprised too.
Thanks so much ladies.


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