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Hi everyone! I hope you are well


I currently use onlinelabels.com to label my products but the glossy labels sometimes lift up a bit, and my bottles are clean beforehand so it isn't dirt or oil or something like that preventing them to stick. It's just a cosmo style bottle and it doesn't want to go around it as it's 4 X 2. Anyhow it's the same on my soap boxes. I have to press them down tight. 


Anyhow I love the labels and the way they look generally but I don't like the lifting. So online labels suggested I try some new samples (they are awesome, thanks!) and will be sending us some, and also suggested I might want to give a laser printer a shot.


So my question is this and PLEASE DO share :) PLEASE. Which machine/printer do you use or recommend to make professional retail cosmetic products, for the labels? 


I got suggestions of using a brother laser, a samsung, or xerox phaser. Anyone use any of these and whats my best buy and purchase? What will last long, and work for what I need? I'll be doing mainly color and labels, and some occasional flyers, mini books etc... more then likely. Thanks SO MUCH!!



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I use a Samsung laser along with OnlineLabels.  Works well.  I'd prefer a Xerox solid ink printer.  Just cannot swing it, yet.

Hi there

I use HP laser 4700 ... i have a graphic design business as well and have been using this machine for a while now .. the cartridges are wicked expensive, but last really long. I will tell you that it is hard to het the templates to line up correctly specially in circles ... but keep at it ... if anyone else out there has better luck with something else and can line there templates up perfectly, pls let me know .. i use illustrator .

HP 4700 dn

Thank you for all the replies so far. I was also looking at the solid ink one that xerox makes, as I like the economical, and environmentally friendly aspects of it. I'm really interested in it, but online labels just emailed me back saying that whereas it could work with laser sheets, they can't guarantee it and I'm kind of nervous now to want to even buy that printer. 


I will say it now though. Solid ink is going to make a huge impact very soon. It'll be the next hot thing to buy when it comes to printers. It's going to be huge! 


Has anyone used laser sheets with solid ink printers? Please let me know.

We have a Xerox Phaser and we're probably the reason Online Labels is questioning their use. The problem is that laser printers get much hotter than solid ink printers. With lasers, as I understand it, the ink kind of "melts" into place. That doesn't happen with a Phaser, or at least the version we have. The labels look spectacular when they come out of the printer but the ink can scratch off if one bottle rubs another one the wrong way. I talked to Xerox too -- they don't guarantee success with solid ink on glossy labels either.

We have a Brother laser now, and use the Xerox on regular paper because it is gorgeous. I'd love to hear from Online Labels about their top recommendations. I'm not delighted with the Brother either, but you will see an incredible savings on ink just moving to a laser from the ink jet.


Vicki Parsons



Thank you Vicki


The Color Qube is what uses the solid ink though, not the Phaser from what xerox just told me and on their site. So the phaser you have uses solid ink?


It's so hard to decide as the phaser seems like the way to go but if you think the brother is better for labelling then I'd like to focus on getting something for labelling. Which model do you have of brother? So the phaser doesn't get too hot? I don't want the ink to get scratched off either. 


The phaser's I saw online only used regular ink toner. Are you sure its the same machine?

We have a Phaser 8860 which was one of the first solid-ink machines available. I noticed they changed the name to include their regular machines, but I don't know when or why.

I wouldn't recommend the Brother I have, that's actually why I got on this discussion, to see what other people have.



Okay :) Let's see what new feedback we get. What about the regular phaser then?
I used to have the Xerox Phaser with solid ink. It had a great print quality, however the ink becomes very expensive unless you have large print runs each time. Xerox explained to me that every time the printer is used whatever ink is left over in the "batch" gets dumped into a tray and can't be reused - very wasteful!
That does sound very wasteful. It's suppose to be LESS wasteful....hhmmm


     Who would have known that out of ALL the aspects of starting a business from the ground up, that LABELS of all things would be the biggest challenge! That's whats happened to me. I had an ink jet, but the ink would smear, even with the 'weather proof', so I bought a Brother laser. So now the ink doesn't smear, but colored logo doesn't print clearly! (and I just bought a new black toner cartridge yesterday....$85!!!). Then I went to printing a label on the inkjet, then putting a clear laser label over it for water proofing...a pain in the you know what, and expensive. So I now give up on printing my own. I went to a local graphic art company, told them what I need, and they are gonna work with me so I can afford weatherproof digital labels. Hope you have better luck, but honestly, somethings are just better off left to professionals, and you'd be suprised how many of your local companies are willing to work with you, lower minimums, that sort of thing. Best of luck to you!

Thank you Deanna! :)


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