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Can someone explain what an RSS feed is and more important, how do I use it? Many of the blogs I want to follow are on them and I have no idea how to subscribe or even, once I subscribe, how do I access it? I am technologically challenged and this is the year I plan on mastering it! Go me!

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I am in the same boat as you. I don't understand how it works either.  But feel free to check out my blog:


I've long thought I should actually use RSS feeds and am finally getting around to it. RSS feeds are a way to see all your blog updates at once on one site instead of going to your bookmarks and clicking on every single blog to see if there's a new post to read....or subscribing to every blog via email (like I've been doing!).  There are tons of different services that will stow your RSS feeds.  I'm starting with google reader.  From there, just search for the RSS link from the blog, choose the service you want to use, and you're good to go.  You can also subscribe to a blog feed directly from the google readerwebsite (useful for sites where you can't find the RSS button or ones that don't have them set-up).  I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg and that the RSS pros will step in with some tips, but I have to say I'm looking forward to being able to quickly check out what's going on at a glance.  Some of these tech tools are pretty powerful stuff!

Thanks for the info! I need to look into this more.

Hi Angela,

This post will be very helpful to you.

How I Use Google Reader.

It explains a bit about how Google uses RSS to push content to you, and help you push content to others. It's one of the most amazing tools I know and I use it multiple times a day to do my work and to see what others are doing.

At the bottom is a bit about how to set up your own Google Reader.

I use RSS to set up the IBN member blog posts via the Indie Business Blog widget, pictured here:

Those are IBN member blog posts! They are pushed to the widget, which you can see at myblog and on the left side of the home page here at this site, and also at IBN member pages. We all share the content and help each other grow. It's a member benefit, so if you have a blog (and you blog regularly) and your feed is not added, let me know so we can add it for you!

Since members get more readers via the widget, many of them also display the widget at their blog so the momentum
continues. The Nova Studio's blog, for example, in the bottom right sidebar. Isn't that cool?!

RSS is amazing. It helps me help my members get the word out about what they are doing, and it can help you do that too -- when you use alone or in tandem with a group of people like we do at IBN.

Hope this helps.


So this is where I am now. I have a google reader account and was able to subscribe to a blog that looked interesting to me. I'm going to read Donna Marias google post and then check out the Indie Business blog widget.  One more question, how do I get my blog on the Indie Business blog widget? And thanks so much everyone, this is such a safe place to learn. I don't feel uncomfortable asking "dumb" questions. 


These questions are not dumb. Please remember that. This site is the perfect place to ask questions, and if you don't ask, you won't know, and if you don't know, you cannot move forward in your life or your business. So ASK!

Sorry for not saying that to be added to the widget, just post your blog RSS feed to me at indiebusiness@gmail.com and I will add you!



I have found this IS the perfect place to ask! I've only been a member for a few short month, but feel very safe here. The amount of support the members give to one another is amazing.  I have met so many people here who are comfortable sharing their knowledge and want success for everyone.  I love this community!


As of now, I have google reader as my home page and was able to subscribe to a few blogs.  I consider this a success!  I have more to learn and I look forward to it!  Thank you everyone!


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