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Hi Indies!

I wanted to take a moment to let you know about the newly formed Safe Cosmetics Alliance. I just found out about it today (thanks Kayla Fioravanti), and you should have a look.

According to the website, they are an alliance of several trade organizations, and their mission is to advocate for and support science-based cosmetics regulation.

The cosmetics industry is committed to maintaining its high safety standards by advocating that laws keep pace with science and technology. We support new regulations to help strengthen FDA oversight, increase transparency, and enhance consumer confidence.

The Safe Cosmetics Alliance is comprised of the Independent Cosmetic Manufacturers & Distributors (ICMAD), Professional Beauty Association (PBA), Direct Selling Association (DSA), and the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC).

Their site invites people to sign their petition urging Congress to support science-based legislation.

(Caution: Please don't just sign the petition because it sounds good. Read the site and see what they say -- there's not much there right now. Make sure you know the details; don't just sign because it's easy! Think before you sign, or if you are not sure, don't sign until you know the goals of this organization are in alignment with yours.)

Their motto is "Sound science for safe products."

I'm reading up on the details. Meanwhile, I'm wondering what you think.

I have been told by several people I have advocated with in the past that there is little to no chance of making progress on behalf of small businesses if we urge mainly science-based legislation. Frankly, I never believed that, and I am intrigued to see an organized group of industry participants that have the professional and scientific resources to needed to articulate the science clearly and consistently.

Having said that, my early conclusions are that they may be advocating some things that still could unnecessarily hurt small business -- with no corresponding benefit to consumers. I'm continuing to read and have a look. If you make and/or sell cosmetics, and if you use them, you should be taking a look with me.

Visit their website here.

Visit their FaceBook Page here.

They are on Twitter here.

Question: What do you think?


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It sounds good, and I will welcome something that has some scientific basis for determining legislation. But it truly doesn't matter the organization or its backing, if there is not an organization such as this within the mix that will be a voice for us small, Indie businesses, then we will be hurt. As the African proverb goes, When elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers. We need organizations such as this there making sure our needs our addressed and that we do not become the grass that suffers.


I too will be taking a look and I hope that with the consent of the majority of Indie businesses, we can join this alliance to ensure that we do not suffer.



Thanks for your thoughts, Yoki. Don't be disappointed if IBN is not invited to join. This alliance is composed of pretty big cosmetics companies represented by industry trade groups that have a lot of money. A LOT of money. IBN members have some things in common with them, but also some things not in common with them. The site is very light on details right now, so it's not clear what they are advocating. You can't do a site search to find things you may be looking for.

Note: there is no blog or comment area, and no way for people to ask questions. All you can do is sign a "petition" (which doesn't make clear who else has signed or exactly how your name will be used if you do "sign.") I'm looking to see the details before signing anything. The site just launched so maybe they are working on adding some things. Or maybe they think a public FaceBook Page and Twitter is enough interaction ...


Which I did not even realize it was a petition. I thought I was signing up for a newsletter to be kept informed of what is happening with them. I was pretty upset when I was redirected to the petition site and thanked for signing the petition :-(

dM, I saw this too and will read up on it tonight. I also have some preliminary questions and concerns but once I read it and once their site has more information those concerns may or not be answered. 




I say this earlier as well. Like dM, I need the rest of the story.  Something in my gut says all is not as it seems. I see a subtle smoke screen.  They are advocating support at this point but not providing the solid information of what our support would go towards except for sound science for safe products and the large corp backing they have for this.  Seeing large corporation supporters does not now nor has it ever impressed me. Just remember, big cosmetics companies do not like the masses turning to small businesses in this industry that they can get more personal with and get better service from and that are more transparent.


I will not be signing anything until I know more about the whats, the whys, the hows and the whos.  Thanks, dM, for putting this out and verifying to me that this needs deeper investigation before any of us throw our support into the arena they are in.


~~Ginger in Chattanooga

Oh Donna...Does this remind you of what happened in the race to establish standards in organic personal care?  This is only the beginning.

I was not online as much as I normally am today.  I missed this. 


I need to go check them out, read,  and think.


My initial thoughts, big business (and money) are making every effort to kill off small business competition.  We are a threat.


I have not seen any of these proposals (in this case an alliance), based on "science," that has even closely resembled common sense.

I can see the "science proves" claims going into hyper mode.  I don't feel threatened.  I make women feel beautiful and their skin stunning.  Big business will never take that away from me.  


Has anyone tested the Like button on the alliance's Facebook page? Are there comments that we cannot see without "liking," perhaps a list of other's that have also "liked" the alliance page?


I found this commentary and quotation via a Google search regarding the alliance making a debut: 


"The Alliance is supporting legislation that would require personal care products manufacturers to register with the FDA and file with the agency reports detailing the ingredients used in their products. The legislation also would require manufacturers to report any unexpected adverse reactions a consumer has with a product.It also would create a process at the FDA for any stakeholder to seek a safety review of any ingredient used in a product.

Combined, Safe Cosmetics Alliance members represent a major portion of the United States economy – nearly 8.2 million American jobs and almost $189 billion in contributions to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP) annually."


I am still thinking...not sure what to think at this point, except this involves big money!



That Happi magazine link you site is interesting too, Mary.

In the first sentence, it says:

A diverse coalition representing the entire spectrum of the nation’s cosmetic and personal care industry – from nail salon workers to small business owners and direct sellers to global corporations – have come together to champion modernizing the industry’s US product safety laws, according to officials from the newly-formed Safe Cosmetics Alliance.

Their definition of "small business" is probably very different from ours.

I wonder what are the gross sales are of the average cosmetics company represented by the collective membership.

I'm not being critical of their efforts -- I don't know what their plans are and the site is very short on details.

I'm just pointing out a few questions I have.


The alliance mentions "start-ups" on their website, stating that they represent "Companies ranging from small start-ups to global corporations." 



Sadly, PCPC has stated in the past that they have no interest in exemptions for small business. If you look further at the site, it clearly states that they are specifically lobbying for:

  • New FDA review of the Cosmetic Ingredient Review (CIR) Expert Panel findings. CIR is a non-profit, independent panel of scientists and physicians who currently review ingredients used in cosmetics and personal care products in the U.S. 
  • New FDA process to review cosmetic ingredients, allowing the FDA to review and set safety levels for trace contaminants used in cosmetic and personal care products.
  • Registration with the FDA by manufacturers of personal care products. This would make the current voluntary reporting program mandatory for all cosmetic manufacturers and would include the registration and reporting of facilities, product ingredients, and unexpected adverse events that may occur.
  • Requiring the FDA to issue good manufacturing practices for personal care products.

My professional feeling, as well as my gut, say they are looking to level the playing field here by enforcing the same regulations for all, regardless of business size or financial capacity. This opens up the possibility that indies could be wiped out in one fell swoop. Additionally, these guidelines do absolutely nothing to ensure that cosmetics are any safer (or less safe for that matter) than under the current cosmetics laws. Same old song, same old dance.


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