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Does anyone have any suggestions for transfering a pre-made lotion base from a gallon container then back into smaller containers after scenting? My problem is that the lotion is to thick to effectivly use a funnel (especially when trying to get into the final small selling containers). I never had this problem when actually making my own lotions/creams because they were of course still warm and liquid, but have decided to have a company formulate a premade naturally preserved base to alleviate any contamination concerns that could arise with using my home kitchen and mixing myself.  Are there maybe suppliers of wide mouth jars that would have some sort of pump cap on them??? Then it could be pumped into the small mouth boston rounds??? Its been messy going so far and very time consuming. I almost want to just go back to making myself! Thanks for any imput you can give.


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You will need a pump to pump it out....you purchase it from www.essentialsbycatalina.com
Thanks Ernest! I actually have gallon pumps, although its just as easy to squeeze the big bottle when getting out unscented base. Its more like when I have my base in a big mixing bowl, then I scent it, then how the heck do i get it back into a pumpable container? I've tried putting it into a warm bath to loosen it up but this is still not an easy process. If I could get it back into a "gallon" container then pumping into smaller containers would be a breeze. Thats why I was wondering about some sore of wide mouth 1/2 gal or 1/g size jar that a specialized pump could screw on to the top. or other ways I haven't thought of????

You can buy wide mouth gallon plastic jugs and lids with covers. I buy my wide mouth jugs locally but the only place I can find the pumps is industrialcontainer.com in Utah- I can never find the pumps when I look at the site but when I call them they have them. You can also buy the containers from them. They look like those big mayonaise jars. good luck

This guy makes machines for this, I'm looking into buying one.


Also, US plastics ( ) has a ton of neat things, like long stroke pumps and such.


I'm using frosting bags right now and it's a pain!!!!

Best of luck!
Thanks Rebecca! I actually came across the handy filler a few months ago but don't feel that I'm ready for this yet! Hopefully that will be the next step. I actually (after much googling) came across a couple items I think will work. I found them at a www.massagewarehouse.com of all places. Wide mouth jars with a screw on pump lid for thick lotions! This way I'm hoping the lotion can be spooned into these then pumped into final containers with no mess. In theory this will work!! (p.s. I have tried the frosting bag trick and know what a pain it is!)
HI Kerry

ED Luce carries the lid/pump for the 1 gallon jar here:


However, they do not appear to sell a 1 gallon white plastic jar, just a clear plastic 1 gallon jar. But maybe that will work for you.

How did I miss that! I actually get other stuff from them. Maybe they will know exactly which 1 gal plastic jar to get even if they don't sell. Thanks a bunch!
After mixing, put contents into a gallon sized ziplock bag. Snip a small corner and then squeeze the contents of the bag into the bottle you are using. Think of it as a pastry piper.
Thanks Sherri! I have used this trick before. Have actually bought the frosting tips and disposible bags. Gets messy though! Thank you all so so many great tips!
OH ok....the way i scent mine is, I microwave it to liquefy it and then add the fragrance and shake it.
Hi Ernest,
This doesn't mess with the emulsification of your product??
It hasn't, usually with in 15 minutes it gets thick again.


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