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I have searched everywhere and I cannot for the life of me find certified organic rice bran oil. If you use certified organic rice bran oil where are you buying it from?

Thank you!

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Hello, Shila~

I don't know what you need this for, but a general guideline I followed when I was a cold-process soap manufacturer was that if an ingredient was hard to source, I used an alternative because of the potential scarcity or premium pricing in the future. If it's this hard now, wait until your customers LOVE your product with ORBO in it and you have to source it at any cost or disappoint your customers. (Go ahead... ask me how I know!)

Regardless, the best resource I have for information is Barbara Hardy at Natural Oils (http://naturaloils.com). She is a wealth of knowledge based on many years in the oil industry. She's also a soap maker, so she knows handmade beauty. You may want to ask her for a source. Tell her Charlon Bobo sent you, although she's professional and friendly to every customer. (I don't get a kickback, but it is helpful for them to know how you found them.)

I hope this helps.

Thank you Charlon! I did manage to find some on ebay! Thanks for responding! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! :)
Try Rosemountain herbs or it is called mountain rose herb co.
They may have it.
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