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As we round out another week, how about slowing down for a minute to ask yourself what you've done for yourself lately?

Remember the lyrics to the Janet Jackson song, What Have You Done For Me Lately?

Of course, she's singing about a guy who hasn't done anything for his lady lately.

But what about you?

What have you done for yourself lately?

Janet says:

Used to be a time when you would pamper me


Used to go to dinner almost every night


What have you done for me lately?


So, what's the answer?

Do you still pamper yourself regularly?

Do you treat yourself to time alone with your favorite comfort food or imported hot beverage?

I know it's hard. I have young children and much of the time I'm not working is spent tending to their needs. But as my kids have grown older and my business had advanced, I've become more in tune to my needs.

  • I insist that my husband take more time with our kids so I can have the time I need to refresh and replenish myself on the weekends so I can be fresh for the business during the week.
  • I hire people to help me around the house with baby sitting and cleaning, so I have a clear head to focus on other things.
  • I make sure I get to sit down and recline, especially on Saturday mornings, so I can contemplate the life I am leading.

So, what have you done for you lately?

If the answer is that you've done lots for yourself lately, then please share how you manage to fit that into your busy entrepreneurial life?

If the answer is that you've done little to nothing for yourself lately, well, what does that reveal about what you need to do next so the answer is not the same next month?

Question: What have you done for you lately?

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No I don't but the reminder that I should has come up several times this week. So, I'm going to take the afternoon off today. I posted the video below on my FB fan page earlier this week. Evidently, someone thought I needed a reminder.



Thanks Valerie!

"Clothes, fragrances, massages, mimosas, fine leather goods .. it's the best day of the year!" Love it

(Well, Valerie, maybe skip the "fine leather goods" part, right?" :)

What have I done for myself lately?  Oh my gosh, I'm actually taking time to NOT WORK over recent weeks.  That's huge for someone who has been working either physically or mentally from early morning to late, late night every day for quite some time now.  I'm enjoying time with my family more often, indulging in little pleasures like soaking baths, mindless TV watching, enjoying some of my fave comfort foods, play dates with my son (and my husband *wink*), conversations about things other than business or products, and actually sleeping.  I have to say, it is wonderful!  I had forgotten just how wonderful it could be.  I've learned to let some things go that aren't really as important as I my have once thought.


How do I fit it into my busy life?  I've started limiting my work time to reasonable hours with a cut off time for getting the days want to do's finished.  It they don't get finished and they are not urgent, then they wait.  If they are urgent, I tend to those first and then move away from them. I take breaks throughout the day to do something "other than business", such as play a game with my son or have a nice mug of mocha cinnamon cappuccino. Hey, I even took all of Friday off this week.  WooHoo! That was good!  I take weekends to enjoy my time and my family.  Not this is not to say I don't do any work on weekends, I just don't do as much or focus on what I should or could being doing to further the business.  It's all about balance.  Hard to do but well worth it.


These next few weeks, I'll actually be taking time to deep clean my home in prep for holidays.  This always makes me feel good and more relaxed, knowing everything's all clean and comfortable again. I'm an odd duck, I guess, but clutter, dirt in the corners, messy closets and cabinets can really stress me out.  Would love a cleaning lady to come clean once a week but that is not doable right now.  The deep fall cleaning...I want to do that myself.  Go figure!


Thanks for a great post, dM. Such a good reminder to keep ourself in tip top shape mentally and physically if we want to keep everything else running smoothly.



Hiya, dM... I've been taking 30 minutes to myself each day ever since Ginger's "me" post. Strangely enough, just sitting daily with a magazine or a book caused me to take a look at just how many hours I put into my business each day. In turn, two weekends ago I did some real time management studies and that's enabled me to close the workshop at a reasonable time twice a week so far. I have also re-claimed both afternoons over any weekend that doesn't absolutely require me to work.


Like Ginger, full clear-out of the house is underway. I've started with storage boxes that have piled up over the years. What once felt like a chore has been very enjoyable as things that were put away long ago have begun to see the light of day again. I purposely opened a sealed box of my scrap-booking stash, and I've had much joy working on a few pages of my grandchildren pics. I also found a forgotten box of crockery, which has led to a re-organization of my kitchen shelves and cupboards. Again, this would ordinarily have been a chore... but I'm getting a strange relaxation kind of enjoyment out of it. It's been a bit like a trip down memory lane so far.


This afternoon I'm planning on raking in the garden. We have a leaf blower, but I love to rake the leaves. Actually, I love to rake the leaves with Jason... and then come behind him and kick his pile all over the place. I am such a child, and I suppose that's really what I've done for myself in releasing a good slice of time from my working week. I've claimed back more of the child inside me.


Enjoy your new found Saturday mornings dM, and know that you're encouraging us all as you do it. What is it they say? "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy".



Reach out. Make friends. Let's lift each other!

What have I done for me lately?


I must work on this! I must work on making deliberate time, setting time aside, for the things that I enjoy. 


The move (farm, studio, house) has consumed much of our free time recently.  It will soon be ending, and then I will be making an absolute effort to ensure I return to enjoying moments for just me.  My husband is a good one to remind "us" that "me" time is very important.  We become rather mechanical, robotical, without it. 


What I do, though, is remember to laugh.  Even if it means taking 5 extra minutes to chat with someone while I am out somewhere.  You just never know how it is going to rev up your day, or better yet, theirs!


I hope you did find your "me" time on Saturday, dM.  You are full of giving! I hope you were able to give back to yourself.




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