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I had heard that the potential of Stumbleupon to drive traffic to your website was huge and more impressive than Facebook or Twitter.  I simply did not believe it.  When I saw SimplyStacie share that Stumbleupon was her #1 source of traffic, I believed it.  In fact, I was inspired by it.  So I set off to see for myself.  Read the reults at
Stumbleupon tips for increasing traffic.
Personal results shared to illustrate stumbleupon role in social media referrals.

Hope this inspires you just as I was inspired!


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Thanks for sharing; I'm gonna give this a try! :)

Cool!  I may look into this as Facebook is screwing those of us with business pages!

How so?

It turns out that after the last big facebook change, most of our page fans lost access to our status updates in their newsfeeds.  I don't know if they never get them, or if they only receive one or two a week, but impresions numbers dropped hugely after the last change!  Business page admins are furious because they paid facebook a lot of money in ads to build their fan bases, and now their fans are rarely seeing their status updates!  This happened to me: I used to reach well over 400 people a day, and now I'm luck if I reach 60!  Apparently, the only way to make sure you get regular updates from a business you have "liked" is to interact at least once a week with that page.  So if you prefer to be a lurker, you will lose out on news and deals.  I am hoping it is only a fluke that will get fixed, bit I think it has something to do with the fact that the last change FB made was intended to clean up our newsfeeds - hence, the ticker!  The ticker is for all the stuff you friends write on other people's walls, or page they like, or game updates.  It de-clutters your newsfeed, but I'm afraid the business page status post got thrown in there, too.

I had noticed the drop but I wasn't aware that was why.  Thanks for sharing this Katie!

I'm trying to figure out stumble upon but I have to admit I'm kinda fumblin'  :)  I'm liking pages and following some folks but apparently don't have many people in my own network to start a following.  Any suggestions?  I am going to read your article again; I suppose it just takes some getting used to.

Hi Brenda,

Any suggestions for who to follow- is that what you are asking?  Stumbleupon usually has some suggestions for you and you can search your email for stumble contacts through the link I mentioned in the article.  You can follow me and take a peek at who I follow.  http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/MWYT

Also when you are liking a page look and see who the discover of the page was (it in the center of the stumble bar) click on them and you can follow them.

Hope this helps! 



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