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Hi all! I'm new to the board and very excited to be here :)  I recently started selling my product line which is small (scrubs, butters, lip balm, face moisterizer) and now I'm deciding to actually sit down and do a full plan for the coming year (I put the cart before the horse, I know) but for some reason I am fully stumped on the most basic part of this planning process....medium/format. How do you guys record your palnning and goal setting? Planning software, iphone, white boards, good ol pen and paper, do you have separate notebooks for each topic area? etc...  It seems kind of silly but for some reason I 'm going in circles with this. Also, what do you cover in your annual planning? Anyone mind sharing?

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Hi Roxine!


I keep a folder with the business plans for the year, not a separate topic for each area. 


Do not feel "silly" for going circles with this.  I struggled with the very same thing, and I know others do (and have) been confused with it as well. 


In my annual planning I cover marketing, income and expense outlines and goals, and I do an in-depth review of product pricing.  Once I year I also take a very good look at my competitors.  I look at what products and services they are offering (not something I do every day, or every week or month for that matter).  As a part of my annual review, goals, planning, I also map out social media goals (Twitter, Facebook, blog, newsletter, etc...). 


Donna Maria recently held two phone conferences with Indie members regarding business planning.  I am trying to put my fingers on the links for you so you can download them to your computer and listen in.  I believe you will find the recordings to be very helpful!


I hope that helps!


I'll be back with the links!



Hi There!


There are two calls that you can download.  You can also print PDF forms as a part of the presentations.  The units are titled: 60-Minute business planning (parts 1 and 2):  http://www.privateindie.com/indie-protege-network


Enjoy...and thumbs up for your planning success!!!

Yes, Mary, that's the link, and they are exclusively for IBN members and Protégés.

In case Roxine is not a member or has not signed up for Indie Protege Network, the link to sign up to get the information as a Protégé is here. (It's just $9.97 a month, and the best exchange for $10 you'll ever get for your business, if I do say so myself ...)

Those two business planning classes (3 information-packed hours!) will be removed from the site on January 12 and January 25, respectively, so if you want them, now is the time.

Thanks for sharing the links, Mary, and for letting Roxine know you found them helpful!


I'll be signing up in 7-10 business days :) Thats when my business CC arrives..lol


Thanks again ladies

Hi Roxine,

I do the same thing.  I do have many notes scattered all over the place.  I have bought a folder and put everything in it.  Getting a little wiser =)

I record everything on paper.  I don't have a place to put a white board, but if I did I would use it also so I could have everything in my work space in front of me.

I need to get my long term planning taken care of.  i am more of a short term planner.  From sales, financial goal, financial savings, blog posts, newsletters per week and month.  

Those 2 links Mary posted are excellant.  They will give you a great foundation.  Using them myself.

You guys are awesome! This is very helpful! i've started on paper but I'm one of those peopel who's minds goes contstanly so as thoughts come to me I need to record them asap and then have a central place to record. So I'll get  a folder as my central spot for all planning things. Thanks for the links, I'll have a listen


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