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Hi Indies,

I am looking for a manufacturer of quality fragrance oils and essential oils. I find some of the fragrance/essential oils out there are very weak and the smell do not last. If you are satisfied with your fragrance or essential oil supplier, I would appreciate if you would share your supplier list with me.

Thanks in advance for sharing.

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For Essential Oil blends... Essential Wholesale has some fabulous ones! I use individual essential oils for aromatherapeutic things at home and I use a company called NU-Scents (www.nuscentscandle.com). There is a company called Lone Star Candle Company which has fragrance oils that I like. I hope this helps.
Thanks so much for the information. I have not use any of these companies and will check them out.

I would still like additional contacts and I appreciate your willingness to share.
Thanks for the two thumbs up for Essential Wholesale eo blends. Creating aromatherapy blends is one of my favorite job duties.
Vigon International
wholesalesuppliesplus.com Debbie May is the owner and customer service, Prices and product are all top quality!
I use Young Living Essential Oils for a lot of my products, they have verifiable oils which are tested on an on-going basis. Since I am a distributor I get the oils at a wholesale price, still not as cheap as with other suppliers, however, their oils are of prime quality. Found that out when I substituted a cheaper oil (smelled good, tested ok) for one of theirs. The oil blend did nothing. With Young Living you can actually feel the difference almost immediately.
Anyway, these are the only oils I am willing to take internally (they do that in Europe, particularly France, all the time). These are the oils I use for physical and emotional issues for myself and clients For scent alone you can use less expensive products. However, if the scent is supposed to make a difference in how a person feels, for instance through diffusion or inhalation, you should still use more effective products. NewDirections has pretty good stuff and is not overly expensive. That is my secondary supplier. If you need more info, let me know!
Thanks everyone who replied to my post. I appreciate your willingness to share.

I but mine from wholesalesuppliesplus.com, naturesgift.com, eou.com and several other places depending on what I want.
I use Essential Wholesale, Monterey Bay Spice, SF Herb, New Directions Aromatics, From Nature With Love, Camden Gray out of Florida....Depends on what I'm looking for.


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