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A friend of mine @CB4Wildlife posted this link on Twitter today.  Its called "Teaching Kids to be Entrepreneurs", and the video portion of the article is something everyone here, parent or not, should take the time to watch.  It's rather long (20 minutes) but really good, and most everyone who's an Indie can gain some new insights into their business, or teaching kids about thinking like an entrepreneur.  Make sure to watch all the way to the, as the last couple of minutes are very inspiring!




After watching it, I identified many of the traits I had as a kid with what the video talks about.  How about you?


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I can't wait to watch this (AFTER my kiddos go to bed, otherwise I'll get interrupted and miss at least 1/2 of it). We've already started them on a path in this direction, they have a few chickens and a few egg customers (pays for the feed for the birds, and replacement birds when the hens get old and they get to save or spend any extra). This is a joint project by my 4 1/2 year old and my 6 1/2 year old sons, started with chickens and ducks we bought them with the $$ grandma sent for Easter a few years ago.

I LOVED it and will be utilizing it. My 10 year old loves to play video games so I am sending him to camp this summer to learn to make them.It is an intensive camp for 1 week and costs a lot of money, but it is worth it cuz I can save on the games if he starts designing them :)


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