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For those of you who make body butters, scrubs, and lotion bars- do you prefer packaging them in tin or plastic containers?  I love the look of tin, but I only have experience with the plastic containers.  Thanks!

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Hi Lydia,

I love the use of plastic containers.  I've recently packaged a scrub in a tin container and it was fine for the first few days, but when I went to shelve them, I noticed that the scrub started to turn brown.  I later realized that the tin reacted with the ingredients in the scrub.  The scrub only turned brown in the areas that was touching the tin, like the edges.  I do use the tin containers for candles, but for any of the body products, I stick with plastic.  I would definitely test first before making a decision.


Thanks Tieast.


I prefer plastic or even glass jars and tubes for these. Tins will rust from water contact. Sitting in a bathroom, with humidity and steam from the shower, the tins are going to be exposed to water in some form. With scrubs, they will be IN the shower or tub and will definitely get wet and rust.  I know many use tins for small lotions bars that are molded making them suitable for tossing in a bag and taking them with you. 


 In the end, you just have to test your products to see what works. That's just part of the process.



Thanks Ginger. I will test the tins with some of my lotion bars.

Hi Lydia

I only use tins for my salves, otherwise everything is in plastic. Like Ginger said, part of the process is experimentation so you can find what you like and don't like.

Have fun and now go run and play!



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