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I am in the process of adding lotions to my product line and heard a while back that I need to keep a batch list/inventory (not sure of the correct term at the moment) for tracking purposes. I know this is a good form of practice to do with all of my products but the honest truth is I don't know what a batch form is supposed to look like or what it is supposed to include. Can anyone direct me on this?


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Hi Melissa:  We have a page for each product, and use the date followed by "01" as the Batch number.  For example, the first batch of Body Butter made on Jan. 10th would be noted on the page in the Body Butter tote (we keep a different tote for each product) with the corresponding number placed on the containers "0110201101" i.e. Jan. 10, 2011 - batch 01.  The data on the page has the Scent, date and person who made it.  Any product created as part of a batch that is not immediately put into a jar/bottle gets a p-touch label on the storage container with the Batch Number, so whenever it is placed into the final packaging, the correct batch number is affixed.  We do not use the date it is placed into the packaging, but the creation date.


We have a price gun with 10 digits that can be used to spit out a sticker that can be easily placed on the product container.  Hope that helps!  Linda

Thanks Linda..That is a great information that you shared with me.

Also do I need to have a tracking for all the raw products that are used to create my product? For example, if I use cocoa butter from company B and shea butter from company B do I list both companies and their particular batch #? I hope that makes sense.




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