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Can someone please help me find the best way to get UPC codes for my skin care products? 

I've got a few opportunities to get my skin care products into some great stores locally and across the country and they require bar codes on the products.



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I've used Barcodes USA, they are quick and very affordable! Good luck! http://www.barcodes-usa.com/
Good advice Melissa, but remember that when you "lease" bar codes from firms like this they are not actually yours. The only way to secure your barcodes in your company name is to fill with the UCC and pay the registration fees. I like services like barcodes USA when you only have a few items you are selling but if you plan on being in business with many items I would look at GS1 as a supplier for your barcode needs.

Good point, Jim. I hosted an IBN member call about this recently where we had access to the head of GS1. He told us about the dangers of leasing codes, or buying resold ones to save money. He also answered member questions and made himself available to us by email.

Melissa: this along with many other resources are available to all IBN members in our private networking area.

You can join IBN here.

If you have questions, let me know.

If you want a list or more information about leasing a bar code or going directly with GS1 who's the best one to go to but George Laurer himself, the creator of the UPC.

He provides resources and lists of legitimate leasing agencies which are successfully offering barcodes for small businesses without having to pay the ridiculous fees of GS1.

It is definitely an option and one we are currently working with.

I only needed barcodes to set up products on Amazon, and just couldnt justify the GS1 fees. However if I'd started with GS1 in the beginning it would have been more reasonable. They base your cost and yearly membership fees on your previous years sales.


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