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VEGECIDE 100% Natural Preservative, and Natural Foaming agent (Sodium Lauroyl Lactaylate)

In my search for preservatives and which on is the best to use I found this and would like to know if any one has heard of or used this product. I can not find much info on this, so I need help.  THe product is found on www.ingredientstodiefor.com.  They also have Sodium Lauroyl Lactaylate (SLL) that is a 100% natural foaming agent, I am unsure it these 2 products can be used together. Pleas help.


Finally, the answer to our most frequent customer request, an oil soluble natural preservative. Our customers asked for it and we are happy to deliver VegeCide, a 100% vegetable derived natural preservative that is oil soluble.

Perfect for your preservative free cosmetics. VegeCide has no petro chemicals and is approved by EcoCert, NPA and NaTrue standards...Vegecide is crafted from high purity, renewable sources, of caprylic and undelycenic, fatty acids.

We searched high, and low, to bring you a natural preservative for use in oil based products. Now we have it all, and so can you.  Every product that you make can now be preserved naturally.

VegeCide is a, 100% vegetable derived, broad spectrum preservative suitable for all of your manufacturing applications. Because it is made with fatty acids it also provides emollience, serves as a co emulsifier to stabilizes your emulsions and offers effective re-fatting activity.

VegeCide is also extremely easy to use. It may be incorporated into the oil or water phase, at any temperature. If this product is stored cool it may become a soft solid, you can re-liquify by hot water bath or gentle, low, heat.



  • liquid to semi solid, depending on temperature
  • mild characteristic odor
  • water / oil soluble
  • store tightly sealed


  • 1.0 to 1.5%
  • added to oil / water phase at any point
  • compatible with all cosmetic ingredients
  • no special pH requirements when used in oil products
  • when used in emulsions, or other water based products, maintain final below 5.0
  • VegeCide may cause the emulsion to thin, additional thickeners or, higher melt point thickeners may be used to prevent viscosity impact


  • oils blends
  • balms, salves, pomades
  • lotions / creams
  • shampoos / cleansers
  • body mists

TIP: because this ingredient is a penetration enhancer we recommend that it only be used with natural, skin safe, ingredients as it may enhance the penetration levels of other ingredients, as well. We no NOT advise the use of cosmetic chemicals that are approved for use only because they do not penetrate the skin when using this ingredient.

INCI:Glyceryl Monocaprylate (and) Glyceryl Monoundecylenate


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With a quick look I could find very little information on the Veggiecide and it looks like so far Ingredients to Die for are the only ones carrying it. This is what I found http://ijt.sagepub.com/content/23/2_suppl/55.abstract pretty much all it says is that it's approved for cosmetic use, no reports on it's effectiveness, skin sensitizing etc, how it holds up to repeat insult, etc. If this information does exsists I think Ingredients to Die for better supply you with it. If you were going to use it I'd send it off to a lab for testing. I think in this case it may be too new. If you want an Eco-cert approved solution for a foaming product I'd go with Optiphen BSB-N or Geogard Ultra with a noticeably longer paper trail although both have PH restrictions are they are still workable.



I posted your question to our FaceBook Page, and there are many MANY people talking about this issue at that page.


Have a look!



Best natural preservative is grapefruit seed extract



Are you sure? Many grapefruit seed extracts have been found to be tested and contain parabens that act as the preservative. I would check for MSDS sheet and other supplier information. I have not heard any cosmetics experts, small or large, say that grapefruit seed extract without something else added is an effective preservative.


Have you had your products that are preserved with GSE tested?



This is new info to me. I've been going by recommendsations & comments by Aubrey Hampton in his books (www.aubreyorganics.com) as he is considered very reliable.





Aubrey is a pioneer and a wonderful man. I have spoken with him before and I respect his work and his contribution to the industry, past, present, and future. However, his books are 15 and 20 years old and while they contain a lot of useful information, I'm not convinced that books that old are the best ones to get preservative information from. I am also not convinced that his products are preserved only with grapefruit seed extract and Vitamins A, C, and E -- and nothing else -- as it says at his website. Of course I don't know myself, but I am respectfully skeptical. For your products made with water, it might be a good idea to consult more recent data and with multiple suppliers and preservative systems that might work well with your formulas and the ingredients you use. All suppliers I have come across that serve small scale companies are more than willing to help.





Thanks for that. I will keep it all in mind.



So I'm still left with my original question of what preservatives should I use in my creams and lotions?  Anyone have ideas? And what about the SLL (Sodium Lauroyl Lactaylate) as a natural foaming agent for bubble bath and such? http://www.ingredientstodiefor.com/item.php?item_id=200

Thank you


They do have a MSDS sheet here is the link  http://www.ingredientstodiefor.com/files/VegeCide%20MSDS.pdf

Does anyone know of a good safe broad spectrum preservative to put in my creams and lotions? 
If you want an Eco-cert approved solution for a foaming/lotions/creams product I'd go with Optiphen BSB-N or Geogard Ultra. If Ecocert is not a concern for you and you want to avoid parabens try Optiphen/Optiphen plus depending on your formula.
Also GSE has not been proven as an effective broad spectrum preservative. In-fact it fails many repeat insult tests. It's best used as an antioxidant like vitamin e.


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