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I am just about to open my new skincare line and am struggling with labels! Everything else is done, but even though I have done all the 'troubleshooting' that the label company suggested, I am still having problems. It doesn't run bad, its just that if I wet my finger and run it across the ink (after having dried for days) then it lightly smears. Does anyone else have this problem? Am I expecting too much from them?  I've changed the print quality, ink volume, print quality. I got them from onlinelabels.com. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The only way to prevent this problem is to have them printed on clear Bopp by a professional label company. They will then be waterproof including the ink process because then a finish coating is run over the top of the print job.
Thanks for your quick reply; I appreciate all the advice I can get!
Thank you Deanna. Actually, this is what I found recently in a specialized shop in France, and it works!

Thanks for your attention!
My best
Gabrielle - could you share the name of the business which you found? I am also looking for a good waterproof label supplier.

Hi Hanna,

Actually, we are just in the process of trying out labels, but it's too early to say anything, and we bought them in England. I'll let you know when we come to using them.
My best,
Hi Katherine! Do you have a company you suggest for this? I'd love to find a better solution too! Thanks!
I had the same problem and also noticed that they scratched easily. Some people on here have mentioned using Krylon spray sealer in clear gloss or prescription label tape. The problem with those for me is that the spray sealer can smell and I didn't want the chemicals on my package and the prescription label tape did not come in a wide enough size for what I need.
Here is what I am doing...I buy full sheet blank labels in waterproof and in clear gloss(from onlinelabels), I'm using the template on Masetro to create my label for whatever size I need and then I print onto the blank waterproof full sized sheet label and layer the clear gloss full sized sheet label on top, after that I cut out the size I need. I hope that makes sense. I'm sure there are better ways out there but this is what I came up with for the time being. Labels have been by far my biggest stresser in my business! Good luck!
I have discovered two options that I will share (haven't tried them yet tho)
1. Patricia Nimocks acrylic waterproof spray (Plaid brand found in hobby shops, walmart)
2. Lightning labels (for smaller quantity professional labels on Bopp)

I bought sponge brushes and will probably just put a thin layer over the label once on instead of spraying the whole bottle. I'll definitely post if I find a 'cure'! It sounds like you've solved the problem too. Good luck and thanks for your reply. I just love this site; everyone is so helpful :-)
I agree Melissa I did not like the smell of the Krylon spray...I am doing the same thing you are doing by applying a clear label over my labels b/c the type of labels I use "kraft" do not come in water proof...so far it works.
I use to use the Krylon spray also. The smell at first is awful, however it does disappear. What I didn't like about the spray was the flim it left behind which in turn gave the labels a frosted look
Hi Melissa,

I tried using the clear gloss labels over the printed label. The clear gloss labels have a special coating that the ink is printed on, and when the coating gets wet the label becomes tacky feeling. Does the clear waterproof label become tacky feeling if it gets wet?

Just curious.

Hi Dusty! Sorry I just saw this. Yes the clear label can feel tacky at first but I find that it rinses off easily after the first time. The problem that I am having is that if I don't get the clear label lined up perfectly with my waterproof label then I can get bubbles or have it scrunched up and ruin the entire sheet! This is a nightmare. Who would have thought labels would be the hardest part?! I think I'll be investing in a laser printer soon!


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