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Ways to get people commenting more with your FB page

I have tested a little bit on the subjects I would write about on my fb page, but there isn't any consistent theme as to what gets your visitors responding.  I have an idea from a wonderful call with Donna Maria that I am going to try.

But can you give me some ideas of other ways to get them going?  I know a giveaway works, but I feel it is a bit short term.

Thanks much


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I go through the same thing with my fb page. A long time ago, I posted a comment asking people what their favorite scent/fragrance was and I got 6 comments. Recently I switched it up and asked, "When it comes to bath products, what is one scent/fragrance you refuse to buy?" and 9 people posted a comment. I think it is natural for some people to complain or want to vent a little bit, so I thought posting about a fragrance they hated would work...and it did.


I find it a hit and miss with my fb page. I will post a comment and get a reply or like from someone that has never commented or liked before and I have some that are regulars. 

I have never tried that angle before. I usually ask them for advice on what fragrances are good for a specific season. My DD has started making soaps. I may have to try that.
I know what you mean by hit and miss.
thanks Dusty


Ooooh, can't want to remember what I shared and see how it works.

I am planning an exclusive teleseminar for IBN members on this topic for July. Stay tuned for that, OK?

I have some super easy techniques that have been successful for me

and for others, and I think you'll like them.

So, let me know what I said already, and how it works!


You will see in next week what you shared with me. I think it is a great start to a better relationship with my visitors. That I have noticed is the biggest thing is really starting a relationship with everyone and how they want to know you better personally. What I do try doing is commenting on their posts and supporting them, so I even get to know them better. All about better serving.
I cannot wait for that teleseminar. That is going to be fun. thanks so much. I will keep you updated.
today I want to tackle a video. =) that should be exciting.
I am almost done with my first video blog post.  I need to get it  uploaded and written.  I will have it up tomorrow.
Here is my blog post on a video of the person behind my silicone mold business.  A bit rusty and look a little dorkish,but I had fun.  An I love my business video.  I did receive a "like"  on FB.  I will get better.

Photos are a big draw: your latest batch, or something new that you bought and are going to start using. Anything that will increase interest and create buzz. One of my most popular updates was a shout-out to Online Labels and a photo of my labeled products. That was a surprise.

I also find that if you share first, then more people are willing to reply. Like if I share what I'm doing this weekend, then more fans will share what they have planned in return.

Hey Ruth. I have noticed photos are a big draw. I just bombard them way too much. I know now that with taking photos and what you put up, it has to be inspirational.
I like what technique you have tried. I am going to try that too.
thanks Ruth
Dawn, I have tested the exact same post with a photo and without a photo. I posted first the update without a photo, and then the one with the photo 20 minutes later, using the same profile page account. The post without a photo got no comments. The post with got 12. Not scientific, but proves the point.

I think you are right about the pics.  I know pictures hold attention when put into blog posts.  I have started doing more pics in posts for about a year.  The comments aren't really high, but traffic is very high.  

Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing, Ruth!
I have been playing around with my FB posts. I have started posting little stories of my kids or what not about some of my products when I put them up for sale. Noticed it creates a connection and I am getting better responses.


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