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ok I have been having an issue with my lotions molding. I started using Soy Lecithin and since then I have notice the issue. I also use distilled water, aloe vera, oil, wax and shea butter.

I put the mixture in tin cans. some if the lotions mold and or tins rust.

Can I use the soy lecithin with water/aloe vera?

Should I not use the tins, since I use water in the mixture? or should I eliminate the water all together and use the tins

Is the soy aiding in the molding process?

Please help!!!

thank you


ps...side bar, I was told you cannot use shea butter and metal tins. Does anyone know if this is true??

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I don't think Shea butter is the problem because I use metal tins with my shea butter products, it may be the water that is causing the tins to rust.

thank you Nashonta, I appreciate your feedback!

Water in the formula will cause the tins to rust. Tins are only suitable for anhydrous products (balms,whipped butters, sold lotion bars etc.)

Also what preservative are you using? And are you heating and holding the water soluble ingredients?

Hi Nina....thank you and sorry for the late reply...took a break for the holidays!

I am currently only using Vit E as a preservative. and thats it...I've been looking to see what natural product I can use as a preservative. I do not heat the water, however I do heat the lecithin slightly in almond oil. I also use infused oil. do you think the infused oil could be rancid?

I melt the beeswax and shea, slightly heat oils, put in blender and cool. I then add distilled water and pure aloe vera gel along with vit e and EO and pour in blender until thickened

any thoughts


I agree it is the water that is probably causing the tins to rust. When I have extra shea left over I usually put it in a tin so I can carry it is my purse and use it at work.
Good Luck!
Could it be the scents?(essential or synthetic oils)


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