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Hi Indies!


I'm looking for suppliers of certified organic raw ingredients and supplies/equipment. What are your favorites?


I have recently had trouble getting a few of my ingredients because they are out of stock. I'd like to find some other great companies as back-up and to compare pricing. 


Thanks in advance!



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Hi Heather,

I know this may not be super helpful, but what are you looking for? Since there are so many supplier options for so many ingredients, I'm afraid I wouldn't know where best to start unless I know what you're looking for? If you're looking for a lot of general stuff, you'll see some banners at the top of this page -- those are the top sponsors of the site. You can also click Buy Supplies and you'll be taken to a page of our site sponsors. There are comments from customers there.

You can also see sponsor graphics with links listed down the right side of each page here. There are many more so if you can narrow down what you are looking for at the moment, some people may come on and post their favorites suppliers for what you need now.




Thanks, dM!


I'm mostly looking for certified organic oils and essential oils; Apricot kernel, jojoba, coconut, olive, rose hip seed, avocado, grape seed and sweet almond.


Mountain Rose Herbs seems to have the largest selection of certified organic ingredients, and I order a huge percentage of ingredients from them, but many ingredients have been backordered a lot lately and it is hard to meet my deadlines when I can't get what I need.


I love Essential Wholesale, but they don't have a huge selection of the organic ingredients that I use and are more expensive. 


I get a few things from Starwest Botanicals; love that they are close to me. 


Any suggestions would help! Thanks so much!



Hi Heather.


Check out New Directions Aromatics. They have certified organic ingredients. The sales office is in CA, but I think their distribution center is in NY.

Thanks, Denyse - I'll check them out!
From Nature with Love is another great one.
Thanks, Natalja!

HI Heather. Arbor Organics and Formulator Sample Sop, is a sister company of Active Concepts

you can check out Arbor Organics. Their pack sizes are 5 kgs and up. However, That's where Formulator Sample Shop comes in, We supply 5 kgs and less...







Hello Heather,

I also get supplies from Mountain Rose among others.

One of my new favorites is J Edwards http://www.bulknaturaloils.com/

They have great prices and selection....if you're on the west coast like I am give plenty of lead time it seems to take them a week to get it out and then a week for UPS shipping.

A little side note...I used to love Sunburst Bottle until they recently sold to a bigger company and things have gone haywire!  Who is your favorite bottle supplier?


All the best,




Hi Nieves! 


I just learned of J Edwards - thank you so much for the tip on lead time. I seem to always be running behind, so its really good to know that I need to really plan ahead. :) 


I get my glass containers from SKS and Container & Packaging.


Thanks for your response! :)



I purchase my Carrier oils from Flora Tech in Arizona---they guarantee their oils will not go rancid for 1 year from date of purchase---you have to buy large quantities 5 gallons but they do stay fresh  (I have had some for 2 years in a cool space) with no problems. 

I purchase my essential oils from Citrus and Allied Essences Ltd.  Lake Success NY They like you to purchase large quantities but the quality is excellent.  White Lotus Aromatics sells smaller quantities and also have excellent products, both.  I have been purchasing oils for 15 years and am very fussy about the quality.

Maggie Smith,Flower Essence Energy

Im a big fan of liberty natural where I buy my essential oils...and I second the vote for white lotus....lovely oils....

Thank you all for your help! There are some really great suppliers that I had not heard of! I really appreciate you taking time to share. :)




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