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Hi Fellow Indies!

I'm having the hardest time finding plastic tubes for lotions. I've searched high and low on the major packaging websites to no avail. Was not expecting such a common item to be so elusive! I must be doing something wrong....

The tubes I'm looking for look like this:  http://www.burtsbees.com/wcsstore/Bee2C/images/products/00643-00_l.jpg

Just regular white (or clear) tubes.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hi Bridgette,

have you checked Essential Wholesale? http://www.essentialwholesale.com/s.nl/sc.9/category.152714/.f


Thanks so much. They should have been the first place I looked......
Additional suggestions are welcome!
McKernan might have something
I am looking for the same type of tube that is Silver and/or Aluminum; any ideas?

Thanks, Dannette
Thanks all.

Do you know CCL's minimums offhand?

I checked McKernan and they don't appear to sell these tube types.
www.Mckernan.com has these.
A tube sealer must be used for this tube type. The are open ended on the opposite end from of the cap.
Ok, thanks. I visited the site again and see why I missed them. They're cylindrical in their unsealed state and look different than what I was expecting. thanks again.
Hey there -- do you have any insight on where to get an economical (read: cheap!) tube sealer?
Hey Elizabeth,

No, that's been a real issue. As a matter of fact, I decided to make it easier on myself and found some really nice malibu tubes instead. Sorry couldn't be of more help.
:-) thanks for your reply -- yes, I've looked at the malibu tubes as well, for that reason. I actually meant to reply to Mary... I'll do that now!


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