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Hi Fellow Indies!

I'm having the hardest time finding plastic tubes for lotions. I've searched high and low on the major packaging websites to no avail. Was not expecting such a common item to be so elusive! I must be doing something wrong....

The tubes I'm looking for look like this:  http://www.burtsbees.com/wcsstore/Bee2C/images/products/00643-00_l.jpg

Just regular white (or clear) tubes.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Hey there, Mary -- do you happen to have a resource for an inexpensive tube sealer? I've tried a flat iron :-) but it doesn't work and, even if it did, it's completely inefficient.

Also, do you use these tubes? And if so, do you have them screen printed or do you label them? I do like the tubes (look professional), but I've used squeezable bottles instead because 1) I don't need a heat sealer and 2) they're easy to label.

Any insight you may have on sealing and labeling tubes will be most appreciated!

- Elizabeth
If you want the metal/foil tubes google "Ointment Tubes and/or Pharmacy packaging"
Thanks Mary!!

I am having same problem as well and looking for 4oz white tubes.
Did you find any by any chance.


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