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I was wondering if anyone else has been having issues with the new release. My Visual Editor Tab has been disabled with the new release and now I cannot edit blog posts or my product pages. My webiste designer has been looking into this but this has me really bummed for 2013 coming up as I just joined a blog challege. UGH!

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I had this problem on one of my blogs that my host automatically updates for me. For some reason, the update they did for me did not work completely, thus my visual editor tab was disabled & I was unable to insert images into posts.

All I did was re-install WordPress 3.5, which can easily be done from your WordPress dashboard & that fixed my issues.

Please note that I do recommend backing up your site, before you attempt this re-install, in case something goes haywire.

#1: Click "Updates" in the left sidebar of your dashboard navigation.

#2: Click "Re-install Now" button

If you do that and it still doesn't work, or you have other problems or see any unusual messages, please let me know.



Thanks for sharing such great information, Kayla!

Kayla thanks so much!!!  Have a great New Year's!

I experienced issues with a plugin conflict, it disabled the new media uploader, the plugin was photodropper but the developer has resolved the issue and it's working fine now. Otherwise all went well.

I got am email from LaShonda and she suggested I empty my cookies & cache and that helped to fix the problem~ yeah!


Well, that was easy.


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