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Hello everyone,
I was curious is it legal to make beauty products at home to sell over the internet? Do I need a special dedicated area in my home? Or will I have to rent a space? I am mostly interested in perfumes, body scrubs, body butters. Will it have to be inspected by the health department?


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Hi Eliza,

I always recommend first to check with the city or county you live in and are going to be making the products. As far as I know you can make beauty products in your home in the United States and it does not need to be inspected by the health department. There are guidelines and regulations through the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) which oversees the cosmetic industry.

Cosmetics must be manufactured in sanitary conditions and this is referred to as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). For more information on making and selling cosmetics, I have listed resources on my website. Here is the link: http://joanmorais.com/resources/selling_skin_care_soap_products.html
Thanks Joan,
I will follow your link. I thought maybe the same rules apply as making food to sell. Good to know that it doesn't apply to cosmetics!

Thanks again,
Hi Joan
I looked at the link that you sent me, great info! Now I have another dumb question. I understand what a batch # would be. But what would a lot # be?

Thanks again,
Hi Eliza,

Lot# is on ingredients you purchase. When you make a product, you should record each lot# of the ingredient you are using. If there is ever a problem, you can trace it back to an ingredient by the lot#. The batch # can be your number you give to the batch of the product you made or you can give it a lot# instead of the batch #.
I make my own bath and body products. I have to document everything I create too. I also keep record of supplies and ingredients I used and the number of products I have on my computer. I hope this helps. Good Luck!


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