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Hello All,


I wanted to know what I could use to solidify whipped body butter. Is emulsifying wax used in body butter? I am not sure because normally emulsifying wax is used if water and oil is present. My body butters are all oil no water added. If emulsifying wax isn’t used, please provide me with the correct ingredient to use.




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I use a combination of shea butter and coconut oil. Whips up nicely. Like whipped cream.

You can try adding a more solid butter like kokum or cocoa butter

Hello Nickola,

You can use emulsifying wax. The emulsifying wax will also act as an emulsifer when the water from the shower connects with the scrub.

Hello Everyone!


I was reading through this post and had a question in reference to making a more "creamier" shea butter.  I have made a whipped shea butter which eventually hardens once spooned into container.  How do I keep the shea butter creamy to the consistency of almost a lotion?  Here's the ingredients I use:

Shea butter - melt on stove

Cocoa Butter - melt on stove

Avocado Oil

Essential Oil

Blend with straight mixer to a whipped consistency.  I then spoon into container.


I'm not sure if you've see The Body Shop's Spa Wisdom Shea & Sesame product but that's the consistency I'm trying to get.


Thanks for your suggestions!



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