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I see we are up to 6 members.  WooHoo!  I've already connected with many of you on social media.  If I haven't, give me a shout  I'm @NeosCreations on Twitter and Ginger Mincey Moore on Facebook. Or come join up with me on the Neos Creations FB page. http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Neos-Creations/180473828641054 . I'm also on LinkedIn if you want to find there.


Ok, so this is a group for active participation. I'm here to help you if I can as I'm sure everyone here is willing to do too.  I hope that you will find a home here and a support system that is uplifting and encouraging, helping you to succeed and grow.  Let's build relationships, get to know each other and have fun doing what we do best. 


I'm tossing a few things out there for you concerning this group.  

First, do you know other Indies in the area that may want to join the Chattanooga group?  Please feel free to contact them and invite them to join. I'm extending this out to parts of Georgia and Alabama too.  It's not just limited to Chattanooga. Fact is there are only like 3 Indies including myself in the greater Chattanooga area. I'll be contacting member from the Indie directory in the next few weeks but if you know someone who would be interesting in joining us, give them an invite.


Second, do you have any thoughts on a meet-up? When would work for many of you? Days or nights? I know the fall and holiday craft show season is fast approaching so that may be an issue.  What would you be interested in doing?  A luncheon or dinner at a restaurant? A casual meet and greet with refreshments and fellowship?  A more formal gathering, possibly a day long or weekend long conference or seminar with others outside IBN invited to attend, guest speakers, etc?  What topics would you like to see us focusing on right now?  Do you have needs or concerns that we can address?  Any issues that you want advice or help with?


Please feel free to be real and start discussions. This is what the groups are all about. Helping, growing, and building each other up. It is for you and by you. I'm rarely very far from the computer screen and am available for you guys as much as I can be.  So let's get it started, ya'll!


~ Ginger



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Hey Ginger! It looks like I'm going to be in Chattanooga on Tuesday, September 20 - doing a facial care event at Greenlife (Whole Foods) from 11-2, I think. I *might* find myself coming in on Monday since it's a little bit of a drive and it's just a lot to do in one day, driving both ways & doing the event. If I come in on Monday, maybe we can get together for lunch or dinner. You up for it? :)

You bet I am if I can swing it!  Would love to meet and talk face to face.  I can't say right now how, when and the like.  My son has pre-school on Mondays from 9 - 12 and my husband is starting day classes (8 - 3) soon as well so we'll have to work around that.  They both begin school on August 29...that is so funny to me. 

Greenlife is on the outskirts of downtown, in the North Shore area, isn't it?  I'm not exactly sure as I'm not actually in Chattanooga and don't go to the area regularly.  I think I remember seeing it that area though.  Where will you be staying?  Or do you know yet?  I didn't realize you had your prods in the store here!  WoW!  You do get around there, chickie! 

We'll arrange something around my family schedule and your schedule to ;-)

Indeed, I do get around.  :)  I'll be in Knoxville this week, Memphis next week, thankfully have Labor Day weekend off (for now), Chattanooga on Sept 10 and Virginia on the weekend of September 16th.  I guess I had the date wrong - when she messaged me this morning she said the 20th but the date previously discussed was the 10th, so I emailed her and she said it's the 10th not the 20th - so that's a Saturday.  I'll still probably come in a day ahead of time, so I'll get there sometime on Friday.


I guess you would call that the north shore - it's across the river from downtown, so that would make sense to me.  It's on Manufacturer's Road.  I have no idea where I'm staying yet - I need to make a reservation pretty soon.  I'll let you know.


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