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When: 11/6/11

Time: 11AM-4PM
Where: Leonard's
555 Northern Blvd.
Great Neck, NY 11021


Just as events for Women have taken hold nationwide as popular gatherings, the NY Women's Conference is an extraordinary event not to be missed.

Vibrant Business-to-Consumer Event:
• Connect directly with your customer base
• Increases traffic & sales to your business
• Cost effectively reach your target market
• Expose your business to new people
• Build awareness of your new products & services
• Showcase your company at a high quality event
• Trigger word of mouth referrals




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Of course we want to meet you Barbara!  If you let me know what time you will be there we can meet up in the parking lot.  This goes for anyone else too.  I can send you my cell number and we can connect.

Yes, this sounds like a plan.  I can also send my cell.


thanks angela, that sounds like a great idea. will be in touch closer to the date.


Thank you for offering me a ride. Actually I do have a car and live in Queens. It was more about roaming the show as a group, especially since the only one I know is Melissa. I missed the last event,, so I have not had an opportunity to meet any of you yet. If anyone wants a ride from south queens, I have room. I do look forward to meeting everyone.
Thank you so much for posting this! I just registered. If anyone needs a ride from the Rego Park area; please let me know.

Welcome Melissa..We shall see you there!

Melissa (or anyone who knows the answer to my question),

On the E train line, am I supposed to get off at the Jamaica-Van Wyck station or the Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer station?

Jamaica Center Parson/Archer Station.
Thank you, Yolanda!

Ha! I had that same question too..I always get confused and then just walk if I get off the wrong spot. 

So Erma and Yolanda..what time is good to meet? I was hoping to get to the event by 11-11:30 so we can get there early, network, grab a goody bag and maybe do lunch? What do you think?


11 sounds fine.  I am not sure if you have my cell number.  I will message it to you on facebook just in case you don't have. 

I plan on getting there around 11:30. I thought I had registered but have not received a VIP pass. I'll register again just to be sure! My cell is 718-207-7981. Looking forward to meeting everyone.


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