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Good Morning! Yes it is Monday and the beginning of a wonderful holiday week. 

I wanted to take this time to share with you the experience we had at Emma's house this past Saturday, 11/19/11 in her beautiful herbie home in Red Hood (Brooklyn) NY. Let me begin by saying that Ms. Emma sent me an email the night before nervous about the event. I laughed because I know she is an amazing herbalist and skin care maven that she would do fine. 

The day started with many getting lost on the MTA Train System (thanks for not posting all the massive train cancellations/delays MTA!). While others trusted their GPS systems to get them from point A to point B. Despite that at 1 pm we eagerly sat around Emma and Joe's table with our pens, paper, and cameras (ok this dork of course realized I left my memory card in the laptop). Oh let me not forget that Emma had an amazing assistant Jerry who was helpful and eager to learn herself. 

Emma is knowledgeable and loves her craft, it is clear as she speaks about the herbs, as she speaks about her products and as she speaks about her clients. We first distilled lavender buds and man was this amazing! The process took about 4 hours and although it yielded a nice amount of hydrosol, the yield amount of essential oil was about 1.5 oz (sorry I am horrible with milliliters). What was wonderful is Emma usually uses copper distills but this time broke out a new glass distill she just received a few days prior. It was nice being able to watch the process through glass and really appreciate the amount of work and time that goes into it.

While we waited, she taught us how to infuse herbs in oil and shared so much with us that it was priceless. 

We each took home some lavender hydrosol and essential oil, new friendships and a wonderful relaxing time. 

For me, I took home a new appreciation for glass, for the process for the way we should be living our lives in such a holistic way. I learned more than what I could ever explain from a keyboard and monitor.

Thanks Emma for your beautiful work and your wonderful spirit!

Emma - Between You and the Moon

Delores - Daisy May Natural Soap

Eva - Soapistication

Criss - Crissanthemum, LLC

Yolanda - Londa's Body Care, LLC

Barbara  - no website as of yet

Melissa - Naturally Good Soaps, LLC

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It was a wonderful learning experience.


I hope Emma will do this again, I'm sorry I had to miss it.  Sounds like it was a wonderful experience and you all learned a great deal!

Emma is on maternity leave and once that beautiful baby is born she is all about the mommyness! LOL I will ask her to consider doing it again in the near future once she is situated.

Hi, first getting around to viewing things that were posted quite some time ago. Life has been too hectic with my dad being in ICU and all, but he is gaining strength and the doctors are cautiously optimistic! That being said, i have let everything go by the wayside. I did want to comment about Emma's workshop and say how wonderful I thought it was. She was so welcoming to all and made us feel very welcome. I learned a lot and I hope to be able to do so again in the near future. Ladies just know that my interest is as real as it was, it's just that priorities at the moment include one thing only: my dad.

Wishing everyone a wonderful and successful start to 2012! All my best, Barbara

I am hoping for a complete and speedy recovery for your dad.

Hi Barbara

Happy New Year to you and the family. Sorry to hear your dad is having a hardship but I wish him nothing more than a speedy recovery!



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