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This is the kind of weather I love the most, I think.  Three days ago it was bright and sunny and warm.  Which was great for a day or two.  But today is soft gray with misty rain, exactly my dream of Seattle.

I've been calling my time in Los Angeles my "twenty-one-year hot flash."  The past four years have been a hard road through a very sad and difficult period in my life.  Leaving LA a year ago was the best thing I could have done.  Getting re-established here has been slow and steady, with lots of support from friends and family.

And friends from the soap and toiletries world.  Amazing friends.  Packing up the old studio, helping me unpack on the other end, making the first soap in the new Soap Cellar and having a couple of Seattle area gatherings, my "Soap Buds" have been a positive force.  

I am learning how to be happy again.  And part of that is working on Annabella, getting the divisions of the Collective dusted off and spruced up.  The Etsy presence has been growing, and Soap Artisan, the teaching and private label division, is launching with a class schedule and an updated web presence.  

I'm so glad to see the continued success and growth of IndieBeauty.  I look forward to participating in community.

With thanks and gratitude.  

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Comment by dM, CEO on April 11, 2012 at 8:45pm

Hi Alicia,

I'm thrilled to see you here! What a treat for me to know where you are. Do we go back or what? I remember that last time I saw you, when you came to my Lifestyle CEO conference to share your wisdom and passion. And now look! A new city for you, and the re-birth of your beloved Annabella in a new home.

I do so love Seattle, and I often wish I could relocate there. Maybe someday after my kids are grown, but then, not sure I could bear to be very far from them.

Anyway, maybe I'll get a chance to come and visit you sometime, or meet somewhere in the middle one day.

Whatever the case, I'm excited to see you and will continue to watch to see the great new things you do.

Welcome (back!)


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