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I have a question for you... I think I know the anwser, but wanted to get your feedback.

I created a Ning network last year, called mamapreneur. I also registered mamapreneur.tv. I never launched, but have been working on it on and off. I'm getting ready to launch and went to change my name on Twitter, and low and behold someone else is using mamapreneur handle. Opps! (a big OPPS)- I just searched and they have the trademark, so I'm moving on to a new name.

Do you think mommypreneur too close? It's not tm?

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Cheri, this is such a good question, especially since every business owner needs to at least consider having multiple online presences.

From a trademark perspective, mommypreneur is very close to mamapreneur, but you can't tell for sure unless you know what the other company is using the brand for. If it's a closely related venture (which I'm guessing it may be since you'd both be addressing women who are also moms and business owners), I'd be very careful. You might want to have a TM attorney do a check.

Whether or not the TM issue is a problem, I would think that whatever name you use, you want to be able to claim it in as many places as possible, whether or not you ever get a trademark registration. Simply getting and using this name all over the place is an automatic deterrent to anyone else using it, even if you never register it. Registration is always best, but for Indies, the expense can be prohibitive.

So I would think about getting another name, not just for TM purposes but for marketing purposes.

Someone is using mommypreneur here: http://www.themommypreneur.com/. Not sure what she's doing but see a video there. Also, see her using the name at other social sites, such as: http://revver.com/u/mommypreneur/. I think this is her too: http://hubpages.com/profile/mommypreneur. She's also on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/mommypreneur. She's here too: http://twitter.com/mommypreneur

So apart from any legal issues, I think this name is just not desirable.

I would suggest using a different name.

I'm interested in what others have to say. I'll shoot this question to Annie Tunheim, a trademark attorney who is a member, and see what she thinks as well.

Sorry to be a bummer. But now that you see all of her other sites using that name, what do you think?

I know you'll find a good one, just keep looking. Inspiration will strike and you'll be ready!

Indie Love,
Agreed. I'll see what I can come up with! Ugggggggggggggh, why are all the good ones taken?
Mom-the-preneur? I went the route of getting a real trademark and now I have a circle R after the name of my company. Cost me about $600 and had it done through the big high powered law firm in Cincinnati. Yes, that was expensive, but I have have a one word name, and got my domain name as it too. Go me. It was too short and sweet not to TM and it really really really really deters anyone from using my company name in any format on any website in my HIGHLY COMPETITIVE business. I consider it part of the cost of doing business.
Hi Fabienne,

You go girl! Good for you! I had a big tm snafu in the UK, which cost me a fortune, but consequently, it's how I met dM. But I NEVER want to go thru that again..ever!

Even though I really love the *preneur edge, I think it's becoming a bit over-used. I came up with MomstersInc. and registered everything bright and early this morning!
Cheri, MomstersInc sounds really cool. I like it and look forward to what you do with it. Please keep me posted. I would love to be a part of your new venture!

And thank you- I'm so excited since my brain never stops thinking about business. All I need is a little more content and a pink hard hat- and I'll be good to go! I'm still working on everything, but I'm amazed how easy everything is to set up- although the html formatting is a bit funky. I saw you stopped by-- thx! I'll keep you posted and am hoping to get an interview from you.

Happy New Year!


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