3 Ways to Cool Down Your Artificial Turf During Summer

by Charles S.

During the hottest summer days, the temperature of your artificial grass will undoubtedly rise.

But you probably won’t notice much of a rise in temperature over the duration of the summer. Thanks to the cooling technology manufacturers of artificial grass use to keep the turf at a manageable temperature.

The synthetic grass will feel warmer to the touch during heatwaves, when temperatures can climb up to the mid-thirties, just like other garden accessories like paving, decking, and garden furniture.

Fortunately, there are a number of techniques you may employ to control the temperature of your artificial grass during the hottest summer days. Three methods for keeping your lawn cool during summer heat waves will be looked at in this article.

GrassCool Series

Choosing artificial grass from the GrassCool Series is one of the finest methods to keep your yard cool during the summer. A company that makes fake grass made the GrassCool series to reflect as much sunlight as possible soak up as little heat as possible and use less cooling power.

They also made the GrassCool system, which helps keep the grass at the right temperature. This improves the players’ welfare while enabling high levels of athletic performance. Choosing artificial grass from the GrassCool Series is one of the best ways to keep your lawn cool during summer.

Use a Watering Can or Garden Hose

Using a watering can or garden hose is another highly effective technique that yields immediate benefits. You can lower the temperature of your fake grass right away by misting it lightly with water.

Of course, you should be cautious about using too much water, and we do urge you only to use it when essential. However, if you’re planning a garden party, this would be a terrific way to guarantee that your lawn remains cool and comfy.

Surround Your Lawn with Plants

Additionally, increasing the number and height of the plants surrounding your artificial turf will keep it cooler. There are primarily two causes for this. First of all, large vegetation like trees will provide some shade so your lawn won’t be exposed to direct sunshine. Second, the plant’s transpiration and photosynthesis processes naturally cool the space around it, which can help maintain a cool climate in your garden.

When you turn on the irrigation to water your plants, the surrounding vegetation will also improve the appearance of your garden and help to cool it down.

When selecting the growth of your surroundings, focus on evergreen plants with a dense canopy. Autumn leaves from the evergreens won’t fall off as frequently, and a dense canopy will provide the most protection from the sun. To maintain your turf, it is necessary to frequently remove tree leaves.


Thankfully, you do have choices. The artificial grass with GrassCool technology is what we recommend most because your lawn will take care of itself during the sweltering summer heat waves. However, you might not want to start over if you have an artificial lawn without this technology. So, if you want to control the temperature of your fake lawn, we suggest chilling it with water sparingly.

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