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Hello Indies,

I would love to start making some of my products, such as, glycerin soaps, candles and bath bombs.  Is there a company similar to the nova studio or bath & body university(back porch soap).  Please let me know, I want to take a class(es) but in FLORIDA, preferably in the South Florida area.  Please reply and let me know.


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The closest place that I know of where you can get some training will be the Handcrafted Soapmakers Guild Conference in Miami held May 18-May 20.  Outside of you coming to one of my classes is DC, NJ or NY I don't personally know of any instructors in the Southeast. If I learn of any I will be sure to pass them along.


I like La Shonda's suggestion to consider the conference. If you're already there, all you'd have to buy is a ticket to the conference. You would not need hotel and such.

The other thing you may wish to consider is to check local community colleges and continuing education locations in your area. There may be classes at local recreation centers, learning annexes, etc.

Finally, IBN member Joan Morais (located in California) offers some of her classes virtually. She tends to instruct business owners so she may or may not offer classes for people who are just starting out or just making things as a hobby. But it might be worth a try.

Good luck,


Also in Florida is the Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe, which is in Ponte Vedra Beach just outside Jacksonville. The owner, Mary, teaches soap making classes.

Private Stock Body & Bath, located in Birmingham, AL., have many different product-making classes to choose from.


Dianne Coleman, Ph.D


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