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I ordered all of my labels from Lightening Labels on Thursday!!!  This is a huge step for me - but I am FINALLY ready to go.  I also received my big 8' stainless steel table from ebay!!  Here we go...first show of the year with both jewelry and bath and body products will be in mid April!!!  Wish me luck!

As far as Lightening Label goes - really impressed with their customer service and their speed!  Proofs are already in the mail!!!

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Yay congrats! I have been looking into Lightening Labels, as I have no interest in printing my own labels. Do you find their prices reasonable? 


I will admit it was a BIG investment but I HATED printing my own labels...I wanted colorful labels and just never had good luck with the few printers we've owned - I could never get a crisp printed label.  Or they smeared or smudged...So back then my solution was printing with black ink only on full sheets of kraft brown label stock then I laminated over those sheets with clear label stock - then cut them individually!  Such a pain - so this is going to be WAY better.  A HUGE time saver. 

So cost wise yes - reasonable if you look at a per label price...$0.11 for a 2 x 2 label...$0.13 for my lip butter labels...just a big initial expense.

I also had a designer design my labels which cost me around $300.

Hey Congrats - ordering from Lightening Labels is a milestone I'm looking forward to achieving too!   Wishing you much success!

Congrats on the big step. I know what it is like but sometimes you have to bite the bullet and do it. I am sure there was a huge sigh of relief when it was all said and done!

Good luck!


~IBN NYC Local Director 

Congratulations Stacey! I am excited for you!

Congratulations Stacey! I know it can be quite a step, it was for me last year. Now, I'm looking for a manual labeler because placing the labels on straight is no easy task. Good luck to you!

Yosilda Suarez

Congratulations! I have a friend in the business and she ordered her labels from Lightening Labels and has nothing but great things to say about them. Good luck with your upcoming shows and business this spring!


Stacey - A big congrats!  I will be interested to hear how your show goes!

Thanks a lot everyone!!!  I really appreciate it...I will let you know how they look...I'm sure I'll be taking LOTS of pictures!!  :)

Congrats Stacey on the huge step!! I'm currently working on this same process with not printing my own or client's labels for my candle products.

I have researched so many company but finally settled on a company in China to print my labels for pennies on the dollar. I'm not too happy with outsourcing it to another country as I would prefer to support our American workers but the costs is very important to remain competitive.

Good luck with your show in April!!



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