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I've noticed sometime the oil from my sugar and salt scrubs manage to link out ot the container no matter how tight the cap. Does anyone have a remedy for this?

All assistance is greatly appreciated.


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IBN members Bill and Cindy Griffith lead a group about and also sell packaging supplies.

They may be able to help you. You can join the group here and post your questions to them.

I'm sure some people will answer you here in this discussion area as well.

Thanks for the direction.
Maybe shrink wrap. Good question.

Thanks for responding. :-)
Hi Venessa, The leakage on scrubs are a big problem! The only way I have found to help is to either purchase a heat induction machine for the foil seal which they cost around $5,000 or I have been adding virgin coconut oil and not adding as much oil, like a sand consistency, the coconut oil helps to solidify the oils together oh don't add a plastic disk seal makes the problem worse. If you have any more questions on Scrubs, I have been battling that for 5 years , but think I have it under control. Good Luck
Thanks for getting back to me. At the moment a heat induction machine is out side of my price range.

The cocunut oil, I am going to try that. Not adding too much oil, I had thought about that but was concerned it would take away from the product. I'm going to try both ideas and see what happens.

Thanks Again -- Venessa
Hi Jeanne,

I have seen your website its awesome, would like to know where you have your labels made ?

thank you
Hi Ruth, Thank you, actually I have my labeling done right here in Boise, Id I have a UF Coding applied for the oils if they do happen to leak you can just whip the label off and away you go no staining. I also like to do hands on I want to see all printing in person before I go ahead with any final printing. Hope that helps don't hestiate to contact me with any other questions
Have a Great Day
Hi Vanessa,

I use the BayouLock Seals from Bill & Cindy Griffith's company BayouSome.com. They are a great company to work with. I have had success with the application of the seal and also use a shrink seal on the outside of the jar as a back up. My scrubs are emulsified so I don't have excess oil sitting on the top of the scrub. If you do...you might have to play a bit to find what works. I still think you can make it work. Let me know if you need any help. I also can send you one or two to play with to see if they will work for you. Just email me at my IBN page.

Good Luck!

Melissa Anderson-Stowe
Mellabelle Designs
Hello Melissa,

Thanks for the offer of help. I will be contacting you through your IBN page.

Hi Melissa,

I tried contacting you though your IBN Page I was not succesful.

Which emulsifiers do you think work best?



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