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My fellow Indies,

You all have been great with supplying your comments on my logo contest. Some new designs have caught my attention and the attention of my support team, so we again come to you for your suggestions. Here are the logos that are now of interest, and we have just hours to decide. A choice between literal wings or a representation of wings.



Thanks to all



Hi Everyone,


I'm currently have a contest going on at www.hatchwise.com for the design of my product logo.  The brand is called, My Pretty Wings. The line is geared toward tweens/teens.  I'm looking for a look that will capture their attention and represent my brand.  My brand's goal is to inspire tweens/teens to take pride in themselves.  To love who they are and love the skin they are in, by nurturing it with products that are good for them, hip and stylish at the same time.



Above is our top contender, but I'm interested in hearing what others think.  At current, this design appears that it will go well with the Pink, Purple and Blue bottles/jars that we will be using as packing.  This link here http://www.HatchWise.com/contest_detail.php?contestid=2462 will let you see with all of the designs that have been submitted so far (I still have 5 days left before the contest is over).  Please take a look and tell my what you think.  If you have any ideas or thoughts not represented I would love to hear those too.


Thanks a bunch.

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I love the idea Sarah has to make the W a full butterfly. I think that would be very appealing and enchanting. Maybe try another color or color theme. Best of luck to you.
Thanks Victoria. The designers at Hatchwise are very talented and has given me a lot to think about. So has all the the talented Indies here at IBN.


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