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Hi all,


I need help sourcing Artisian Perfume Alcohol.  The supplier I use just announced today that they will be closing their doors in the next 2 weeks, so I will need to get my perfumers alcohol from another source.



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Just wanted to give everyone a quick update!  

The perfume base is here, as are the cans and absorbent packaging, and the boxes are on schedule to be here tomorrow.  I'm working on getting the shipping set up in the shopping cart, and I'm anticipating that we'll have it ready to purchase within a day or two. 

Thank you to those of you who posted and/or e-mailed privately with well wishes for my dad.... his surgery went very well.  Surgical margins were clear of the prostate cancer, as were the 14 lymph nodes removed, and he's healed nicely.  However, the pathology report indicated that he actually also has ANOTHER type of cancer - lymphoma, which is a blood cancer - that was found only because they biopsied the lymph nodes removed.  So.... we're headed back to Detroit late next week for a followup visit with the surgeon AND a consultation with a lymphoma specialist there (by strange coincidence, his surgeon's wife also has lymphoma and she sees this doctor).  We should only be closed for one day, since his appointments are scheduled for Friday. 

Will post again when we actually have it ready to start taking the first orders - and it will be a direct link to the item.  I'm not putting up a product category for it on the home page yet, as I want Indie Beauty members to be able to order it first, before we announce its availability to the general public!


Thanks for the update, Brenda!

Prayer are with you and your family!

The cart is finally ready to start taking orders for the alcohol!   Wanted to let my friends at Indie Beauty know first - will start sending out direct individual e-mails to others who have inquired about it tomorrow.  I'm not posting about it on our blog or on the home page of our site yet.... want to let all of you get yours ordered first.  :)    I've put in an order for more, as the interest in this item has been phenomenal and I'm hoping we don't run out before the second batch arrives in about 2 weeks. 

Here's a direct link to the item in our shopping cart - otherwise you can find it under the "Bath and Body Bases" category:   https://www.oakcourtcreations.com/ProductCart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idprod...

Thanks for hanging in there with us through this process!   Oh - and we will be closed this Thursday and Friday, as Dad's appointments with the oncologist and surgeon have been changed to Thursday.



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