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I'm looking to purchase various sizes and shapes of printable labels for shower/party favors.  Can anyone recommend a company?



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Hi Lydia.  Online Labels.  They have so much to choose from and you should be able to find what you need.  http://www.onlinelabels.com/




Ginger in the Chattanooga, TN area

Ginger, thank you for your response.  I was hoping to find labels with the themes already printed on them like the ones in the link below I saw in Michael's.  Online Labels is a wonderful resource- I currently order all my other labels through them.



OK...I tried to look at what you mean for further help but the link is a dead link. 
I'm looking for labels that already have a designs printed on them so all I would have to do is personalize them by printing names and product information on them.  Thanks.
I'll have to check out Avery, Toynga.  I love all of these great tips!
Thanks Toynga.



If I understand, you are wanting sheets of labels that have pre-printed designs on them that you can then just personalize and print with your own info on them.  Is that correct?  Gosh, I don't know of anyone who offers that.  You maybe could check with Vista Print or Got Print or someone like that.  I can't say you will find what you're wanting but it may be worth a try. Talk to Sherri Wilson, The Label Gal here.  She may be able to assist you with this.  She's great and very helpful.



Ginger, that's exactly what I was looking for.  I have seen them in Michael's, but they're not very cost effective.  I'll look into your suggestions. 


Thank you Toynga!  Just wait till you see the new look I'm cooking up around here. Coming in 2012...a new Neos with a new attititude!



I realize that  www.onlinelabels.com has been suggested here - but their Maestro Software is 'bar-none' WUNderful!.....I have run 2 very successful businesses using that label design software for going on 4 years now!...it is practically un-limitless....not hard to use AT ALL!!  I create my design on their site - purchase the labels from them and print them in full color at the local office supply stores - use THEIR color ink and laser printers for 'perfect every time'!!  The Waterproof poly labels are even smear-less when you use the office supply stores laser printers - even with oils!


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