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Save a sea turtle...switch to Certified Organic Cosmetics

An amazing article by Ronnie Cummins, Founder and Director, Organic Consumers Association; 

"Does it take a catastrophe like the BP oil spill to remind us of the pressing need to cut our oil consumption? Are people finally outraged enough to stop using petrochemicals to bathe and beautify? Would you be willing to switch to organic cosmetics to save a sea turtle, keep our drinking water safe, and our beaches beautiful?"

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My Husband works in the fuel industry. He remembers when the township would spray used motoroil on the roads to keep the dust down and the oil would be gone in two days, It would decompose that fast. In the salty waters of the warm ocean of the ocean it will also break down. Now there will be a loss of animals until that time but a few years from now things should snap back.
I feel bad for the years that it'll take to clean up the beaches and the loss of money to the vacation areas, but they have other issues such as weather that can effect their business too.
I think your husband may have assumed from his childhood memory that the oil sprayed on the roads was "gone". However, it would be absolutely impossible for motor oil to decompose that fast. It may have been absorbed by the dirt and soil but it was still there, as toxic as before. And breaking down the oil in the ocean does not mean it is not still a toxic pollutant...breaking down just means smaller particles, it does not mean the oil is gone. In the mean time, the environmental and health impact may not be fully known for a long time. There are workers who served to clean up the Exxon Valdez spill and they are still suffering neurological damage from contact and breathing the airborne chemicals from the crude oil. Reports have started coming in of Gulf clean up that workers who are showing severe signs of chemical sensitivity to fragrances, personal care products and other products of daily life as the result of the oil exposure...that kind of illness normally takes years to exhibit.


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