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Does anyone have any suggestions for transfering a pre-made lotion base from a gallon container then back into smaller containers after scenting? My problem is that the lotion is to thick to effectivly use a funnel (especially when trying to get into the final small selling containers). I never had this problem when actually making my own lotions/creams because they were of course still warm and liquid, but have decided to have a company formulate a premade naturally preserved base to alleviate any contamination concerns that could arise with using my home kitchen and mixing myself.  Are there maybe suppliers of wide mouth jars that would have some sort of pump cap on them??? Then it could be pumped into the small mouth boston rounds??? Its been messy going so far and very time consuming. I almost want to just go back to making myself! Thanks for any imput you can give.


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Buy a big medical syringe. I bought one to use with thick gel and it works great. Obviously a big pump system is easier, but on a budget, a syringe works great, and doesnt waste any product or make a mess!!! :)
Wow, this is one that never crossed my mind. This sounds like a great idea! I think i will try this. Thanks.
No problem Robina! This has worked for me on a small scale but trying for something less messy. I'm just so pleased that I have had so much great advise. Thanks again.
I use the freezer ziplock baggies. Measure out your base and fragrance into the baggie and squish it together then cut a bottom corner off and squeeze it into the final bottle or jar. Works everytime.
I have always used pumps, that works pretty good till u get close to the bottom.
There r a lot of companies out there. U can do a search under lotion bases.


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