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Great day,


I made my first batch of Shea Butter lotion and it turned out well for the skin. I made it using Unrefined Shea Butter, a drizzle of honey (own addition to the recipe), Olive oil. I took my pot of Butter when I was travelling last weekend, and I was disappointed when all my butter melted into liquid form .


Could someone help me with a solution for this. I live in a hot and moist country. Can I blend the Shea Butter with water to dilute it? PLease advise.



Subha Dharan

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You can add water, but then you will need to use a "lotion" recipe and preservatives.  To increase the melting point try adding beeswax, jojoba wax, cocoa butter or another high-melting point butter.  You can also decrease the amount of liquid oils (olive oil).  All of these will increase the melting point, but they will also change the texture and "feel" of the final product.  Depending on your temps, you may also need to just keep these in the cooler when you travel.


Hope this helps.  Bonnie

Hi Bonnie,


Thank you very much for the tips. Shall try a new batch next week with the ingredients you have quoted me and share

with you the outcome. Thanks again.



Subha Dharan


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