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I am hoping some one out there can help me with this...and I know we are all busy but I could really use some guidance here:

I basically produce CP soaps and body products for a few high end customers and they would like some container candles to round out their assortment.

Since I really push quality and natural products, I purchased Soy wax from Candlescience.  I have Ecosoya CB 135 and CB Advanced.  Then I purchased only fragrances with their 3-leaf rating for soy.  I'm up to a 12% scent load (I started at their recommended 9%) and I'm really not getting any appreciable scent throw.

I purchased the best wick recommendation for my container and followed their instructions of melting up to 185 degrees, adding the fragrance, stirring and cooling to a pour temp of 125 degrees.

There must be a trick I am missing. A dear friend recommended adding some FCO, can't say it helped.  Should I be mixing beeswax in to this blend?  Palm Oil?   I keep burning my candle from Linnea's Lights and the scent is amazing. 

I truly and sincerely would appreciate help with this and if you would like to email me off-site, that's ok too. 

Thank you so much in advance!


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Yes, Merilyn, definitely test in the actual jar. You wouldn't send your friend to try on bras for yourself, would you? You'll get the right fit, ahem, burn, by using the real mcoy! If it doesn't work out, clean the jar with hot soapy water after the test.

Temps: flash point is the temp at which a substance catches fire if flame is added. Combustion! So only bring your wax up the temp recommended by the mfr, and add the fragrance at the end so it isn't diminished by heat.

thank you - thank you - no, of course not, the bra test!  what a great visual!!  : )


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