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Hi everyone. Morning!

I was wondering do any of you know laboratories or how we would go about testing our henna and herbs for levels of the above subject line and I need to test for lawsone content (the dyeing strength) as well.


So how do I find a company that does this? Thanks!!


This is very important please I do hope to get some replies.



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I am so sorry.  I wish I could help you out.  The only thought I have is if you have a college around you and get in touch with the science department.  Maybe call your representative for you area and see if they have any ideas.  Maybe a cooperative extension office for you area could help you out.  

These suggestions may be off the wall, but that is all I can think of right now.

Thanks! Much appreciated!!

I don't know of anyone that specifically tests for those. But like Dawn said, you might try a university lab, or an extension agency. Soil and water is often tested for those contaminants which is why I suggest your local extension agency.

I'll have to look into that :) Thank you both

call jen the owner of lotion crafters. lotion crafters has small kits you can purchase to test your products.They do not test for you but you can do with there kit.

lotion Crafters also gives indies a 5% discount on what ever you buy. Jennifer can answer your questions.To get your discount do not forget to tell her when ordering.


Pure Body Treats

Palm Springs/ Rancho Mirage, Ca.

Thank you for the info Donna. I wish I would have known about discounts. Is there a thread on Indie that lists all the discounts available? I wouldn't mind offering one to members myself.


I missed the Wholesale Essentials discounts too and I order from Lotion Crafters. Could have saved a little bit.


I'll look into those tests. Not sure if they test herbs though..


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