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Hello Indies,

I just found that one of my wholesale accounts (a retail store) put up a website mimicking mine. Mine is ByNieves.com and they put up ByNievesproducts.com.

I am flabbergasted.

I totally wouldn't mind if they want to sell my stuff on their website I work with some wonderful websites that sell my goods. I just can't believe that they put up a website that is meant to look like it is the By Nieves site. I'm annoyed for lots of reasons including that the website doesn't look that good (not that mine is great but at least it's my branding),it's not obvious that it is a Silk Road website and not mine but most importantly they didn't ask! I see them and email with them regularly!

Anyway as I was spinning with this new information and wondering who to talk to I thought of you all. I am so glad to be a part of a community of peers and mentors who will (hopefully) have an opinion about this.

What should I do?

My inclination is to call her and tell her to take the site down immediately. I have a small impulse to go and pull my product from her store and stop doing business with them at all ( they owe me for a couple orders so we'd probably end up about even and I would refund any difference). Is that going too far? I'm all fired up right now and know I need not act to impulsively.

Thank you.


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Sounds like you solved your problem, but I would say it's a good idea in general to put a copyright on the bottom of your website, I've seen this often on other's sites and we plan to put one on ours as soon as we launch.  You can go to the bottom of Yahoo's homepage for an example of one.  The other thing you could do would be to have a "Terms and Conditions" section of your website that would specify what people can or can't do with your site content.  That way if anything like that were to happen to you in the future you could easily refer them to the "legal terms" listed on your website.  I plan on having something like that on our site, that specifies that individuals need to request permission before reposting any of content such as product descriptions.  Not to mention, it will actually hurt your website's SEO if there is duplicate content on another site, since Google doesn't know whether you or they are copying, they just prefer original content.  


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