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Can any body recommend a fantastic web company (person) out there, frustration has really set in for me with my web guy.


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You know I know a bunch of great people Jeanne!  Email me (you have my email) and I will hook you up.  Keep in mind though that the people I recommend are not the cheapest on the block but they do awesome work!!



Hi Jeanne,

What are you looking for in a web company. I know an incredible designer (wordpress platform).


I just was checking your site today. Obviously your found someone. I'm happy to share my web gal. She's currently redoing my online store.


Thanks Christine yes but I can always check some one else out

Here's the link


I've known and worked with Kim (and Rachel - graphic design) for several years on websites and online business strategies. They work mainly in wordpress, but Kim can work in any platform. She's customizing my new online store - Big Commerce - which should by up by first of the years.

Enjoy your holidays!


Thanks Christine, we just finished out new look for our site but for sure will keep them in mind, Thank you for getting back to me

Happy Holidays to you too


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