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Hello Indie Business,


I'm new to this site and have quite a dilemma. I started on my journey of becoming an entrepreneur last June and I was feeling really good about myself. My business is organic hair and body products. I  hired a business coach and found a manufacturer through this coach. Unfortunately the experience not what I envisioned. The manufacturer claims that they own my formulas and would not release them. The business coach was totally unprofessional and refused to take my phone calls as this situation was unraveling.  I had to make the unpleasant decision of severing all ties with both parties. Now, I am left with a product that I cannot afford to manufacture so I am left with no other options except to make the products at home.

I am uncertain about the requirements for preservatives, licensing, third party testing, you name it.

I believe in my products and I believe in myself but I need some help and direction.

Please let me know if any of you have been in my position. All advise would be welcome.


All the Best,


Lisa Abraham

Apala Beauty

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Hi Lisa, I'm a bit new to this too I started my business in March of this year from home. The sites that helped me through the process have became my favorite sites because they hold a lot of good information they are:




Also go to your state's website and find out if you have to have any special licenses for a homebased business. Check with your town or city for the same thing like zoning regulations. Two books that are helping me out are called "How to Start a Home-Based Gift Basket Business" by Shirley george frazier and the other one is "Start Your own Gift Basket Business and More" by Cheryl Kimball. I bought them on Amazon.com and it's taken me through the first steps to starting my business and what regulations I have to obey...etc. I'm using them both everyday even though they're towards gift baskets they do have the same rules that would apply to starting a bath and body store from home. Hope this helps you some. You'll enjoy this site a lot. Good luck.
Hi Kristina,
Thanks so much for the information. I didn't expect to hear from anyone so soon!!! I will definitely take your advice.
What kind of business do you have?
Your welcome! I'm making lotions, lip balms, shower gels etc...I didn't have any money to start this, but I am doing babysitting so that money is going towards materials that I need. Just start with a couple products and get them labeled and when you sell them you should make enough to keep buying more materials/ingredients to make more and extend your line. I just ordered a lotion base the other day with a sample bottle that is only 1 oz. and I'm hoping to sell it for $2.50 with a profit of $180 or so. I bought 100 bottles of them so hopefully they all sell. The website is www.essentialsbycatalina.com i believe. Indiebeauty.com has been a great place for me to ask questions about everything I have been unsure about or just needed that extra confidence boost. Take care!
Hi Lisa do not allow these obstacle detour you from continuing to start your business.I am not sure if you had a contract or not but make sure you have a contract that clearly states who owns the formula. There are so many resources here and on the internet where you are able to purchase the same supplies that the manufacturer were able to get...I am still shocked on what you can find on the internet. so wipe your hands clean and give it a new start.It can be done,I have seen a lot of womern here at Indie Beauty do it .
Hi Nashonta, thanks so much for the encouragement. I am overwhelmed by the willingness of people to help me. Today I am starting fresh and moving forward. The past is the past. I had a vision that must continue despite the obstacles.
Stay tuned : )
Go for it at home. I make everything at home. Lots, lots, successful people have started at home in their Kitchens.
Do all your research on line and u will be amazed at what u can come up with, little by little.
Make sure you always label your ingredients.

Hi Kathleen...thanks for your advice! Now I am inspired to tackle this business on my own.


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