Chinese Sourcing Agents That Are A Breed Apart

by Charles S.

When it comes to managing and growing international supply chains, it is vital to develop relationships with the best and most efficient sourcing agents and firms. Sourcing agents that are good at what they do can play a vital role in ensuring your business enterprise’s long term success. This is especially true if you are importing from China. Many entrepreneurs from the UK, Africa, the US, and Europe obtain their goods directly from China without setting foot on Chinese mainland themselves. A majority of them can quickly outsource the manufacturing of their products to Chinese factories easily. A good China sourcing agent helps you lower costs, maintain a large supplier base, and acquire high-quality products from China. In this article, we shall focus on the best China sourcing companies currently in the market.

1. Hope Sourcing

This China sourcing agent is by far the best among the current players in the sourcing game. The company specializes in helping buyers worldwide purchase top quality furniture, makeup, lamzac, shoes, jewelry, gifts, electronics, apparel, textile, and office equipment from Chinese factories. The company boasts branches in Foshan, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou. In addition to sourcing Chinese products for foreign buyers, the company also offers shipping to various warehouse locations such as Amazon warehouses worldwide.

Hope Sourcing is specialists at helping you save time, reduce risks of doing business, and save on your supply chain’s overall cost. Hope Sourcing only requires a description of what you need, and they will provide you with a quotation after only two days. The minimum order is $1000 per item, and the service charge is pocket friendly, starting at $200.

2. Jing Sourcing

This is a China sourcing agent located in Yiwu. Their goal is to enable small businesses to import quality products from China at affordable prices. This is despite facing competition from more than 1000+ suppliers for similar products listed on Alibaba. Their expertise lies in the knowledge of their 40 local Chinese employees, who are more than capable of handling your project’s specific requirements.

3. Meeno Group

Also located in Yiwu, the Meeno Group is a China sourcing agent that offers a broad range of services including quality inspection, warehouse storage, ship management, customs clearance, and product sourcing.

4. Sourcingbro

This China sourcing agent possesses vast experience in product marketing in and around Shenzhen. The products this company handles range from electronics to handmade gifts.

5. B2C Sourcing

Founded by a product development specialist, B2C brings decades of experience in product sourcing to the table. Some of their major clients include Phillips Lumec, Speck Products, Disney, and more. The company thrives on sourcing Chinese products for small businesses, including eBay resellers and Amazon resellers.

4. Leeline Sourcing

With more than a decade of product sourcing experience under its belt, this company promises high-quality products billed with the best cost through a verifiably transparent process. They offer product photographing, packaging services, quality inspection, and shipping services.


The advantages of sourcing products from China far outweigh the reasons to source from other countries. Some of the best China sourcing agents include Hope Sourcing, Meeno Group, Jing Sourcing, and Sourcingbro.

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