Easy Steps on How to Import from China

by Charles S.

China is becoming a very popular manufacturing superpower. Providing a fair portion of most consumer’s products, you might find china becoming reliable and worthy trusting. Whether you want to diversify your business or leverage for resale, you need to be a guru to buy goods from China. You might not find it very easy to import from china if you are not accustomed to the processes and requirements needed along. Read this guide to know exactly what you need to import from china with a lot of ease.

Import Rights and Privileges

Import you throw yourself into buying goods from foreign sources, you need to know the legal aspects of the said field. Import rights differ and vary depending on the country of residence that you are in. Be careful only to import goods that are legal in your country. Some countries have limited certain types of goods to avoid competition.

If you are not in the US, you might need to register with relevant bodies for permits to import your products into the country. If you are a US citizen, you will need to have a Social Security Number. Having these registrations is vital for taxation purposes.

Country Regulations

Before transacting any importation business, the first thing you ought to do is identify the types of goods you need. You need to choose carefully and, if possible, find the possibility of having samples before importing any product or good.

It will help you establish whether the kind of goods you want to import are business or domestic use only or both. As an importer, you will need to ensure that the goods you import are legal and meet the required standards in your country. Some goods tend to be of low quality hence are never permitted to some countries.

Total Costs; Buying & Landing Costs

Before placing an order, you need to be informed of the total amount you will likely incur after the whole process. It is best if you classify the goods into different tariffs using the specific codes given. Organizing goods to taxes is crucial in the importation process as it will enable you to calculate the total duty cost you will pay at the customs department. You might also find it necessary to add additional costs like shipment fees, insurance fees, and other charges that might arise during the process.

Ordering Process

Once you are sure of the estimated costs, it is time you find the best supplier. You should do thorough research before choosing any supplier. You might find it necessary to consult other importers for trusted supplier advice. At this stage, you will need to obtain an invoice from your supplier to have the actual charges and costs of the goods.

Be sure to have the shipment notifications of your interests in time. After shipment, you will need to track your goods and ensure that you are cleared by the port authorities to pick up the goods. Upon receiving the goods, check on the packaging qualities, the proper labels, and instructions.

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