The Main Types Of Packaging Used By Businesses

by Charles S.
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Whenever clients order items online or purchase them directly from a shop, the sellers do not simply hand the item to the client. This means that they make a point to place the item in a bag, an envelope, or a box before shipping it over or handing it over to the client. This aspect is known as product packaging. The main aim of packaging is to ensure that the products reach the clients without any damage.

For instance, a company will ship a fridge in a box with foam as protection from damage while shipping. However, this is one of the reasons while the packaging is used by different brands and businesses. The other reason is to promote the business and create a memorable unpacking experience. This is achieved through custom packing provided by companies like Deepking. In this write-up, we discuss the main types of packaging used by business owners.

Types of packaging

There are two main modes of packaging used by business owners. They are;

  • Stock packing

Stock packaging is the most used and most traditional method of packaging. It is where generic boxes are used to deliver products. These boxes work in such a way that clients can pick them up at any carrier location. This is the cheapest type of packaging. It is also the easiest for companies to use as it does not require much thought when it comes to designing and manufacturing.

This type of packing comes in a limited number of styles and is appropriate for a particular type of product. This type of packaging can be used by businesses or individuals who are looking to ship items from one place or person to another. Note, most businesses prefer this type of packaging. The e-commerce industry, however, does not use this type because it doesn’t have the wow factor that the industry strives to achieve through its packaging.

  • Custom packing

This is the most recent type of packaging to hit the market. It is also the most popular currently, especially in the e-commerce sector. Custom packaging refers to the use of custom designs and logos on packaging items. For instance, companies can choose to have their business LOGO, name, and other elements on the packaging items that they send to clients.

Other details that can be included in custom packaging include printed design, colors, unique shape, and dimensions that match precisely to a particular product. The main benefit of this type of packaging is the fact that it works as a marketing tool for different brands. It also helps to entice clients to make more purchases and become loyal shoppers. However, most companies find that coming up with custom packaging designs and implementing the phenomenon is more costly than the latter. Regardless of this factor, most businesses have adapted this kind of packaging because of its benefits out weight the cons.  


Some people will argue that custom packaging is better than stock packaging and vice versa. However, different businesses make different choices of packaging depending on different factors like the type of products and target audience.

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