What To Know When Buying A Bronze Sculpture

by Charles S.

Bronze sculptures are a thing of beauty (go url). However, you have to spend a lot of money for a bronze sculpture sometimes. It is pertinent that you know you would be getting the most for your money. For a custom sculpture, it has to be perfect for the money.

Most people claim not to know much about art, but that shouldn’t be an excuse if you are dropping thousands of dollars. It would help if you were sure your sculptor could deliver on the design you have in mind. What are the questions you can ask your sculptor? The article suggests some of them.

Question #1 “Can I visit the Sculptor’s studio?”

One salient question you can ask the sculptor is if it’s possible to visit his/her studio. A visit to a sculptor’s studio affords you the chance to see his/her other works. It allows you to make better the decision to get your bronze structure done by the sculptor.

If the studio is close by, the studio visitation wouldn’t be hard to do. Even if it is far off, you need to see things for yourself. Don’t just “go url way” and get the sculptor’s information from home.

Question #2 “Can I get the last three sculptor’s clients’ contacts?”

Sculpting a bronze figure, takes a considerable amount of time. You need to know how well the sculptor can manage project time. Speaking with the previous clients allow you to compare notes on the sculptor’s performance. Don’t just settle for the customary testimonials the artist gives you.

Question #3 “Does the sculptor use a good casting formula?”

You would want to know the bronze casting formula the sculptor uses in his/her workplace. A generous ratio of copper, some amounts of silicon and manganese make up a standard bronze cast formula. A sculptor willing to share his high-copper silicon bronze formula is the one with whom you want to work.

Question #4 “Does the sculptor restrict the number of revisions and suggestions I can ask for?”

Some sculptors restrict the changes they make after making the first clay model. They do it because they typically think you should love the design when you see it for the first time. However, if you are dropping a substantial amount of cash for a custom sculpture, you are better off with a sculptor who doesn’t have those restrictions.

Question #5 “Am I comfortable with the Sculptor?”

Most businesses don’t require that the customer get personal. With a custom sculpting, you need to have a cordial relationship with the artist. It allows you to take a collaborative role in the development of the piece. Generally, your relationship with the sculptor determines the amount of empathy he/she gives your work.


A custom piece of sculpture is something you plan to keep for a long time. It is not enough to drop the cash and wait for the delivery. Asking fundamental questions such as the ones above ensures that you get what you want in a bronze sculpture.

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