Picking the Right Mac App to Manage and Edit PDFs

by Charles S.

Do not be managed by your task list! There is definitely a reliable list of the best tools to manage and edit PDFs.

The industry of Mac users is definitely underprivileged in multiple ways. When you compare the tools as well as utilities readily available for the Windows-base, Mac’s apps and ecosystems are relatively limited. So what are the top Mac apps to manage and edit PDFs?

Over and above, the realm of a variety of PDF editors is no different from others. Although there are several solutions for the management of PDFs in the industry, the choice may not be extensive.

But if you wish to allocate some money to the PDF software needs, then there are definitely different great options to select from.

Here is a professional review of some of the best PDF editors for the Mac. Although the list may not follow a particular sequence, here is a breakdown of what you should be looking into:

1. Adobe Acrobat

Once more, Adobe Acrobat tops the list of the best Mac editors. It is a superior editor but with a few lacking features when it comes to usability. This is unless you are pretty much familiar with this software.

The Adobe Acrobat tools are segregated into Pro, Document Cloud, as well as Reader. From a performance standpoint, there are just a few PDF editors which can clearly rival Pro DC.

The tabbed interface has a way of helping to reduce the clutter. However, you still have a variety of categories such that the navigation panel on the right hand side is useful if you understand exactly what you are searching for.

2. Foxit PhantomPDF

This is another editor for Mac. It is a mature and revered product which should be worth the look. According to the CEO of the brand, Mr. Xiong, the team of developers, offers consumer-oriented products for the management of PDF.  

The first thing you will notice with the PhantomPDF is the smooth interface it comes with. You will also love the transition.

And of course, you should love the layout since it is not just nice but comes with several tabbed options for a variety of edit modes.

Although it may be challenging to toggle in between the two tabs, you will still find it convenient during editing. This software is capable without a doubt.

The editorial and conversion tools are comprehensive. You will like the fact that the tools have successfully been clubbed into a primary dropdown menu to save screen space.

3. In-built Preview in Mac

Founded by Apple Inc, the Preview in-built app is a revolutionary photo viewer that comes with useful PDF capabilities, such as being in a position to merge with documents while organizing PDF pages and documents easily. And since it is a native macOS app, there is no additional installation that needs to feed on your memory. The cycles of development have also been extensive; that is, if you are searching for a robust PDF reader that comes with annotations as well as merging capabilities.

Final Thoughts

Well, it looks like there is no such thing as the world’s best editor for Mac. This is appended to the fact that every editor comes with its set of pros and cons. Even so, some are clearly better than others.

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