Parking Lot Lighting Matters for a Successful Business

by Charles S.

Most business owners overlook the importance of parking lot lighting until an accident happens or crime takes place in the area. A lot of things can go wrong in dark public spaces like your parking area.

Imagine yourself stepping out of a building into a dark parking lot at night. Think of the possible scenarios that can happen – you forget where your car is, you fumble around in the dark because you dropped your keys, you may get robbed by someone hiding in the shadows, you may find out that your car was vandalized or broken into, or you may hit something as you try to exit the lot because you have difficulty seeing a thing.

Now, what if you were a client? Would you want to go back again? What if you were an employee? Would you feel safe working late nights at your company?

These scenarios easily highlight how important parking lot lighting fixtures are. Here are more reasons why you should give them more thought:


A well-lit parking lot limits the occurrence of criminal activities in your area. This is because people will have a clear view of the area meaning witnesses will be able to identify thieves and intruders. This will deter criminals from carrying out their evil plans. A well-lit parking lot also allows you to have clearer security footage that can help identify the people who are coming inside and outside of your building and parking lot area.

Easy navigation

A lot of vehicular accidents that take place in parking lots are mainly due to poor lighting. When it is impossible to see clearly, there is a tendency to bump into objects or other cars while you are backing up or trying to park. Worst-case scenarios, drivers may even hit a pedestrian on your lot. A well-lit parking lot allows drivers to navigate around the area easily.


A well-lighted environment adds to the professionalism of your business. A dim and damaged parking lot gives off the impression that you lack orderliness and maintenance. This reduces the value of your business as it has the capacity to turn off clients and customers. People will hesitate to use your parking lot because it is too dark and they will prefer to take their business somewhere else with better lighting.


Your parking lot lights can actually help bring out the beauty of your building’s architectural structure. Of course, this will depend on where your parking lot is and what type of lights you are using. By lighting up the architectural beauty of your building, this can add value to your business and attract more people to drop by and see what you have to offer.

Remember, your parking lot is the first and last experience people will have with your business. You should be able to make a good first and last impression. With a well-lit parking lot, they will feel safe with you from the start till the end – this completes the customer experience.

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